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Seriously.  Can someone explain to me the appeal of hangin out at Sonny’s playing crystal target?  It just doesn’t sound fun to me.  Of course, all that ducking, dodging and weaving would be great aerobic exercise.  Guess that’s why Emily is so thin.


And while you’re at it, can they also explain what the hell Robin sees in Patrick?  Good sex is one thing.  Having it with an arrogant self-centered twit that you have to work with is another.  Did someone transplant the Magic Penis or something?  Because now Carly is wanting some of dat too, and heaven knows that trashy Dr. Lee is always panting after him.  I don’t get it.  The man always has his mouth hanging open and frankly, it makes me wonder how the heck he made it through medical school.  Oh I know!  Maybe they think if they make it with the younger Dr. Drake, they’ll have an in at the elder Dr. Drake!  Now *that’s* something I could understand!


Rumor is that there is to be a boy’s night out at Jake’s soon.  Do we really think they’ll have the guys saying “Lick it, suck it, and slam it”?  But wouldn’t if be funny if they did?


And if they have them all thinking about Carly, I will hurl.  Seriously.  And not just because I’m not a big ole Carly fan.  But because my man Lucky wouldn’t be able to have a steamy fantasy about his cousin (ew), and you know what that means. No shirtless Lucky.  And THAT my friends, would be a travesty.  A TRAVESTY I tell you!


I could rant for hours about the lack of a funeral for Justus.  Who’s dumb idea was that?  And to have Luke reference Alan taking over the eulogy for Edward – grrrr.  How *dare* they deny me those scenes!  Bastards.  Hmph.


I’m still the only one in the world who sees my man Lucky with Maxie and thinks “Hmmm – if Lucky had an affair with Maxie, I’d see him shirtless. Why is this a bad thing?”  When he stopped her from kissing him – I’m telling ya – I actually heard myself say out loud “Oooh.  Now that looks interesting.”  I’m a sad sad specimen apparently.  I don’t care – I have one objective only – and if it takes Maxie to get me there…so be it.  I’m not proud.


I’m desperately sitting here trying to think of positive things to say – and nothing is coming to me.  Except that I can’t wait to see Laura back – I actually chuckled evilly when she moved her hand.  And Anna’s on her way back to town, and a visit from Holly….heeeeyyyyy!  Where’s Robert been lately?  I’m missing my favorite Aussie!


On that note, I think I’ve rambled enough.


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