I normally talk about GH, but this time I was inspired, not soo much by OLTL, but by what people are writing about OLTLů mainly Jessica FINALLY telling Antonio about her and Nash and their lust, err, I mean "love." 

I don't think that Jess is any sort of hero or something.  If anything, she is a coward. 

She waited for EVER to tell him the truth, whoring around, breaking Jamie's heart, etc. 

I think that the only reason that she actually told him when she did is because she is on death's door and she figured, what the hey, I've got nothing to loose.  I actually feel for Antonio and his anger and rage were completely justified.  At ALL parties.  If my brother knew that my husband was cheating on me and didn't tell me (AFTER completely kicking my husband's ass), I would disown him as well.  Again, I don't fault him for that, or how he is feeling: mad as hell. 

Plus, I don't think that it is Antonio's fault or that he should be "punished" in any sort of way for not catching on to the fact that Jess and Nash were cheating on him (her because she's his wife and Nash, because he was supposed to be his friend).  Yes, that's right; I think that saying things like "he got what he deserved" or "he's an idiot" is pretty much punishing him for being too trusting.

I mean, Antonio has come a LOOONG way.  First and foremost, he should be commended on that.  And for him to try to be friend's with Nash (which is completely out of character for him), is a BIG deal and should be considered in all this.  He knew that Nash's daughter would be a part of his life, so it's only fitting that they all be civil.  But who do YOU know that would go out of his way to befriend and give a job to a guy that not only bedded your wife, but also fathered her child, DID/other personality or not?!  It was still her body, and that must be hard to stomach, that the woman you love and have loved, for what now, 3-4 years, was spreading her legs for someone else, and that someone else is in your face all the time.  Antonio went above and BEYOND here, and he should be commended for trying to be the "bigger man" here. 

They took advantage of his trust.  Plan and simple.  He has known and loved Jess for years, why should be think that NOW she would be soo untrue (Tico mess aside).   

He should not be faulted for being too blind or having too much faith in people who didn't deserve it. 

Thanks for your time spent reading my opinion.


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