GH is totally disgusting

The writers are horrible and just because they paid people to vote for them (the Emmys) it doesn't mean a D A M N to me.  The fact that stuff blows and they KEEP DOING IT ANYWAY is both annoying and a slap in the face to those that watch.  I mean, what is wrong with these people?  They should be working hard to give us what we want, and only what we want, i.e. what actually WORKS [and I know you can't please everyone, but pleasing that small group of 'die-hards' that are character and couple obsessed instead of the majority (who are watching for the overall quality of the show and will therefore enjoy more of the show as a whole instead of just the few minutes when a certain someone is on) sure doesn't make any sense either], instead of trying to fight us and best us.  To me, that is just insane. 

Why would you want to bite the hand that feeds you?

The only reason why I am still watching (and by watching I mean only about 10-15 minutes every other day) is for the Luke and Lulu scenes.  They are both The Amazing Grace that keeps GH alive (though I most note it is currently on a ventilator and in a coma). 

I do have some hopes for Sky's return as well as Laura's. 

I am hoping this means more Veterans! and less Sonny and Co. (in case you haven't been able to tell from the sheer amount of airtime they are given, that includes: Carly, Sam, Jason, Alexis- how did they make me hate her when her character is supposed to be sick & dying?, and Ric- like we really needed another Biotchboy). :-/ 

I mean they could at least bring FAMILY back into this if we are being forced to watch the SSDD over and over again. 

Where's Mike while Sonny is becoming sane again?  (Speaking of that, wouldn't it be awesome if they had Kevin be Sonny's doc?  and he could bring Lucy with him... or since I do enjoy have people of color on my screen and if Lainey wasn’t helping Sonny, she would be here… Kevin could help out Lucky, I mean he did help him before). 

Where's Ric's dad?  If he was helping Ric destroy Sonny maybe it would actually be interesting this time around. 

Where's Mac and Flea?  Their Gurrls need them!!

Bring Stefan back (yeah, I know he's over at DOOL, but everyone seems to be leaving that sinking ship, so just give him some time) and have him have been saved by Helena and mind-freaked so that he is now under her control to help her break up Em & Nik.  Have him come back married to Gia!! (we can coax her back from Y&R or get someone new, just not that Dishrag again please)... Reminding Nik that no, Em was NOT the only woman he ever loved and yes, he was once HOT with a woman (because Em & Nik are not and will never be hot together, sorry TPTB for crushing your hopes and dreams but you ruined them as a couple when you tried to ruin Zander). 

Speaking of Zander, bring him back!  Let his death have been faked by Ric who wanted him out of the way for obvious reasons (he was with Liz then) and also, for reasons that aren’t so obvious… such as he found out that Zander was really Sonny’s son!!

Oh, hehe, sorry for the quick stroll into my mind down the path of imagination.  I was talking about GH being awful, right?  Let me get back to that. (Though after reading what could/should be I am sure I did just that).

I mean look at GH compared to other soaps (and when I say soaps I mean CBS soaps, because AMC and OLTL are also on my shyt list). 

They actually have, *gasp* people over 35 on their soaps.  They have families!!  They have people who are actually happy and in relationships for longer than 3 minutes (People always say how they would get bored if people were happy for too long.  Well I disagree.  I am getting bored with the fact that people are and have not been happy for too long.  It is driving me nuts.  All of this angst and turmoil...  Enough is enough.  Where's the love? I need at least 2-3 couples on my show, actually onscreen, being in love, making love, and being somewhat happy if not in their daily lives than at least with each other.  And of those 2-3 couples, I need at least 1 of the couples to have the two people in that couple, older than 40 and a staple within the community—think Leslie and Rick Webber before the crazy, think Monica and Alan, think Bobbie and Mike or Noah or both- oh my! etc).  These REAL soaps have slow-build romances and friendships that have lasted for decades.  They have veterans on their shows that have lives and loves and relationships and storylines that are not always centered around their children.  I have not watched some of these shows for as long as I have watched GH and OLTL, but I can just FEEL the history and warmth of these Veterans whenever they are on the screen and it makes me want to get online a research these character's history.  And you know what!?!  The history that I read about is the EXACT same history that these characters also recall on the show.  That is an amazing thing I tell you!!  Something that GH (and AMC) doesn't like to do (I direct your attention to the recent Sam and Ric ick-fest.  Now I know that you know that we ALL know, that Sam was slowly but surely seducing Ric. And was doing it to pay both her mother and Jason back for screwing with her emotions.  Now this shyt that I see on my screen, with Ric being a borderline rapist, I don't know nothin' about that and I’m pretty sure you all don’t either).

Well, that’s it for me for now.  Thank you for reading and please let’s get some good-ole fashion discussion going on the Cottage Message board… I just love to read all the wonderful, insightful commentary you all write (esp. once I have already read what Katrina and Co. have already said… the updates just don’t come soon enough). 

I mean what else am I supposed to do without being able to read that you all are suffering with me?  As the old adage goes, “Misery loves company.” 

So let’s be miserable together. 


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