Okee, dokee, so last we left off, Helena was bound and gagged in a bedroom at Wyndermere with the bedpan question looming. Now, after having been abducted (off screen) and released (off screen, of course), her gorgeous and apparently intact self is lurking around the Xmas event. Heaven forbid CT should be allotted more than the two minutes she is given per month, so we may never know the details. Don’t TPTB know that we all love Helena? Well, that answers that question – if we love it they taketh away.  I noticed on the credits yesterday that Tristan Rogers is no longer listed in the cast. Did we like and enjoy his return too much? We can only blame ourselves it seems. 

Speaking of returns, the rare Wally Kurth appearance made for a wonderful, well-written “reunion” between Ned and Alexis. Wouldn’t mind seeing him come back full-time to rekindle one of the only relationships Alexis could have that would be angst-less. This might even emotionally fuel a faster recovery, since she is obviously going to beat this cancer. A little happiness never hurts. 

And speaking of recovery, how did Maxie manage to fall down a flight of stairs and sustain not even a scratch, bruise or head ache. She amazingly enough fooled Dr. “Spock” into thinking she had miscarried, since there was no heartbeat. Did he not give her a thorough exam and notice she was not pregnant to begin with, and shouldn’t there have been some sort of bleeding with a miscarriage? Unlike Jackie Payne on B&B, who fell down a flight of stairs and was actually unconscious, had head injuries and still has the effects several months later. 

I know, everybody hates Ric Lansing, but ya gotta love his portrayer. He does feel, and the hurt look in his eyes after Alexis took Molly and walked away from him said it all. He unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, is confessing daily to Manny’s brother which may not be a good thing. Robert L. is back to once again make our skin crawl. Even on Nip/Tuck he was basically the same lethal character and he is so good at it. 

We were treated to a few days of Bobbie and Monica, and I have to admit they both look great. What’s not so great is knowing that Alan (Stuart D.) is on the way out. What a nice Christmas present that was, to us and to him. Carly and Jax’s wedding is postponed to allow for Ingo’s vacation, and just after I was really starting to believe in their love. Although I would like to see much less of Carly on my screen daily, I have to admit Laura Wright is sensational. She brings so much depth and passion to this role, and has made the character dare I say, likeable? I sorely miss Luke and can’t wait for Tony G.’s return. February sweeps is next on the agenda, but can anything really top the Luke and Laura reunion? Time will tell. 


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