I think not!  Iíve been trying to keep a low profile in the event that things perk up and I can give some glowing commentary, but I think the statute of limitations has run out.  I missed Thursdayís show and didnít even bat an eye.  Whatís going on is a huge mish mosh of the scraps of second rate story lines which I for one cannot seem to get excited about.

Havenít been exactly kept awake at night worrying about Liz and Jasonís missing baby nor the fact that Lucky will soon find out heís not the daddy.  Jason is locked up on first degree murder charges yet practically has his own, non-guarded, non-secure office to greet one and all.  He could probably just walk out and no one would notice.   Maybe if we saw him in a cell we could really get the whole imprisonment feeling, but that isnít happening.   Even Mayberry was more professional than this police station and Barney Fife a much better cop than these guys are.

Poor Sam!  Not only is she drinking heavily, walking around town wearing daytime whore clothing, but she is cruel enough to withhold info about the missing Jake.  For all she knows the ďkidnapperĒ could be insane and harm the baby.  But she has only her own selfish interests at heart, as usual.  Ameliaís revelations have not had the shattering effect on Jason and Sonny that she hoped for, and seeing her jumping all over Sonny isnít sexy Ė itís just plain as creepy as she is.

Twenty years ago we might have been holding our breath waiting for Loganís surprise daddy to reveal himself.  Not now.  I really love Scott and the actor who plays Logan is far more interesting than the cutie that plays Coop.  But they are all in the middle of the mixing bowl and canít seem to stand on their own.  I do see potential for Lulu and Logan however so that may be a good thing.

Jax and Carly, Sonny and Jax, Sonny and Carly, Mr. Craig and/or Jerry Ė same old same old.  I think Kate is kind of cute with Sonny and I have to admit I havenít fast forwarded them much.  She actually wore the same outfit twice which I think is great.  How many of us actually have a different outfit for every day of the year, other than Paris Hilton?  Our fabulous Emmy award-winning Rick Hearst is really due for a new and exciting love interest as well as a trip away from the dark side.  Doesnít he deserve it for being the whipping boy for so long? 

No point in bringing the equally fabulous Genie Francis back now that Luke is gone,  but there isnít any reason not to start negotiating a contract with her for a future return.  We love our Laura!  She brings a genuine warmth and humanity to this show that few others do.

Love my Scrubs Ė too bad the writers are too busy to give them some meat.  I guess they are getting ready for the new Night Shift on Soapnet .  Last but not least, whatís really keeping me from throwing in the towel is watching Alan and Tracy.  I know some people find it ridiculous but I absolutely love every little word they say.  They are hilarious!  And if thatís what it takes to keep some of us watching then letís keep this going.  And as far as the ďHot Fun..Ē, itís only the beginning of July, and Anna  Devane is on her way back .  Letís get cooking!!!

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