Okay, I’m back to my fast forwarding ways again.  I thought I was cured for awhile, with the Laura comeback and most recently the hostage storyline, but it seems that FF Anonymous hasn’t completely squelched the urge.  For one thing, there is way too much Sonny and Carly on my screen once more.  And Jax dancing around those too only makes it worse.  He looks pretty darn good with the newbie Amelia.  If she is being worked into the scenario to eventually end up with Sonny, all I have to say is that she is too tall.  Even Laura Wright towers over him.  Old, old, old and who really cares who Carly ends up with.  I love LuLu, but there is way too much of her and the new interchangeable pretty boys and Maxie, in addition to Dillon and Spinelli absolutely wearing out the story of Rick Webber’s demise.  LuLu has way too many suitors – she should donate at least one to poor Georgie.  Logan really is the spitting image of Scott Baldwin.  If this storyline results in the resurrection of Laura once again, then good.   Sam is once again apparently ready to unwillingly reveal more of her sleazy past, which seems endless.  You would think that between Stan and Spinelli, Jason would know every nook and cranny of her history.

Mr. Craig returning to torment Nick is also not fun watching.  The worst part of the hostage situation to me, were the sadistic actions of Mr. Craig and I don’t relish seeing them again.   Tyler Christopher is just too good an actor when it comes to these situations and I just cannot watch him suffer.  Did Jason just give up on finding Craig or is he too preoccupied with “who’s your daddy?”  And here again is another storyline that had been dragging on way too long.  No one cares, therefore no suspense.   The only question I have is how does Becky Herbst get better looking every day?

Love the occasional Luke, Tracy, Alan-ghost, Coleman, and of course Scrubs, who really should be given some of Sonny and Carly’s more than generous screen time.  Alexis should either be in remission by now or dead.  I guess my biggest beef right now is with the writers.  They select some decent subject matter and just seem to lose steam along the way.  Poor Ted King – who doesn’t love this handsome devil?  Everyone but the writers, I guess.   Maybe TPTB will get the message now that GH hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy in the best show category.  And maybe they will do something to turn around the dastardly Ric now that Rick Hearst is once again nominated for Best Supporting Actor.  Until then I will be armed and ready with the remote.

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