Help – we’re drowning in bad guys! They seem to be everywhere you look, whether they are openly villainous or quietly backstabbing. The inmates are running the asylum. Even Sonny is starting to look like he should be wearing the white hat. Let’s see – Lorenzo and Mr. Craig are dealing deadly hands with the mysterious “shipment”. Jason, even for those who love him, is always armed and ready to shoot. Skye has become the gangster’s moll overnight and will be a force to contend with. There is an assassin on the loose with Sonny’s name on his bullet. The devilish Ric has become totally immersed in the dark side. His actions are so hideous that even his less than holy brother is stunned. Busting poor Alexis for pot smoking to ease her lung cancer, although she used to have such a bad cough that smoking anything never seemed like an option, was lower than low. But, I have to admit that Alexis is really a novice at this. Any “participating” teen could tell her to go lock herself in the bathroom and hide the goods.

Pete is giving Patrick all the misinformation he needs on relationships, seemingly in order to kill his thing with Robin. Pete also is openly chasing Georgie, knowing she is still in love with Dillon and somewhat younger than him. Maxie, who more than qualifies as a bad guy/gal, has schemed and weaseled her way in and out of many situations, and is still in operation. Lucky is still teetering, since he has pills on his person and he could at any time return to being Sleazy Lucky. Sam is also teetering, since for all we know, Angela, her pseudonym, could be a killer. The new priest is a bad guy as far as I am concerned just because he is identical in every which way to his brother Manny.

Sonny has married Carly again due to lies and deceit. Who wouldn’t fall in love with someone like that? Our lovely Liz, although a basically good person, is up to her eyeballs in lies. Helena, as much as I love her, has kidnapped Spencer from the kidnapper (one bad gal down!). She is even starting to look like a normal grandma compared to some of the other characters. We all know Scotty is hovering and is most likely up to no good.

And where, may we ask, are the good guys? Mac has been reduced to occasional cameos, mostly to ridicule his efforts and intelligence. Luke is AWOL and should be back soon, as well as Jax. Sweet Noah can’t say or do anything without getting knocked down. Robert is AWOL. Tracy, who can be as bad as bad gets, is starting to show some real humanity at times. At least we have Patrick and Dillon, who could probably never get corrupted. I’m still going to root for the white hats!


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