Alexis Smokes Pot

            Once again I am surprised and proud of my General Hospital. The last time I wrote it was to compliment the show for its very mature handling of Luluís abortion. This time they have tackled just a controversial and polarizing a topic: medical marijuana.

            When Alexis Davis, the strong intelligent attorney, first came down with cancer, I feared that it was just one more way the writers would victimize this powerful woman, especially after we saw the devastating effects the chemotherapy had on her body and her soul; but instead they gave her a new cause to promote. Week from the treatments and worried about her traumatized daughter, Kristina, Alexis was distraught. That is when Sam and stoner Spinelli intervened with the help of a joint.

            I was shocked when they offered the pot to Alexis, I thought there is was no way that the show would allow a popular character to use an illegal drug, despite the fact that it is legal in many states for medical uses, and despite the fact that much of the audience has, at least on occasion, used it recreationally. When it was suggested that she try the marijuana, Alexis, in true form, resisted it, citing its illegality. But when she realized that in helping her feel better it would also help her beloved Kristina, she decided to give it a try. And how hilarious was it when she did smoke the joint in front of Sam and Spinelli, claiming she was having no reaction, but all the while eating non-stop.

            She continued to toke up every now and then, and each time debated it, but the effect was evident. She felt much better after smoking pot.

            It is also great that most of the characters that know of Alexisís usage seem to support her decision. Sonny and now Carly encourage Alexis to use whatever means necessary to get through the devastating effects chemotherapy. Of course the information that she is using would end up in the wrong hands, and evil Ric Lansing would use it to his advantage in the custody suite. But the writers clearly do not agree with Ricís decision to take advantage of Alexis, and there has been no argument that the pot will have a harmful effect on the patient.

            Like Luluís abortion, which was safe and legal, the writers seem to be taking a stand on the use of medical marijuana. It should be legal for chemotherapy patients where it can be a great benefit for them and their family to continue on with their lives. Once again, despite so much to complain about, I am proud of my show.  

            I also want to make a brief comment on another storyline. Although I realize it is a soap opera and I often have to suspend my disbelief, as an attorney (albeit an non-practicing one), I get very annoyed when GH misinterprets the law. The most recent case is Sonnyís bogus, yet successful plot to get Carly to marry him so she cannot be forced to testify. In real life, the marriage protection would not be available to her for two reasons. One is that they married after the fact, an obvious ploy that if was legal would result in many more marriages. The protection only covers the duration of the marriage, not before the marriage (or in this case in between marriages). Furthermore only verbal communication is protected. Anything she witnesses, such as Sonny pulling out a gun and shooting Alcazar, is not protected and she must testify,

            The pained look on Carlyís face as she tried to fight the marriage was heartbreaking, and I think any woman who has broken up with someone they once loved could relate to it. I only hope that Sonny gets his due punishment for showing such disrespect to the woman he allegedly loves.

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