Short Musings on The Women of GH: Alexis, Lulu, & Maxie

By Elizabeth F

Alexis - What's with everyone giving Alexis everything she wants? Do they want her to just give up and die?

Now is not the time for Alexis to be placated, she needs to fight, she needs to be Natasha. I can understand her family giving her all the love and support she needs, but not everyone. Letting her manage her own illness, her own way is a good thing to do but when they see her planning only for her
death, someone should give her a reason to fight. (Besides everyone being so nice is not all that interesting.)

Sonny is the perfect candidate. He never should have agreed to Ric raising Kristina. He should tell Alexis that when she's gone he's taking Kristina and giving her to Carly to raise, after all Kristina may loose a sister but she'd gain two brothers. Nothing would anger Alexis more; nothing can give her a greater reason to fight then that.

So bring on Natasha, it's time for Alexis to realize that she is the only one who can raise Kristina and Molly.

LuLu - Tracy is correct, how can anyone feel sorry for someone who can make a list of all the people that care for her. Lucky may have ranted at her that she should not have an abortion but he gave her a very good reason - because he loves her and knows that she'll regret it.

Everyone she has spoken to has told her the absolute truth - they cannot make the decision for her, they can only support her choice, and if asked tell, her what they would do or have done. But this is not what she wants; she's looking for someone else to make the decision, for someone to tell her that having an abortion is the right thing and that she won't regret it. I don't envy her, she's in a tough situation and she does need her father, but perhaps it's a little too late.

Maxie - She's turned into the perfect "troubled" girl. I didn't like the drug dealer storyline at first but it's growing on me. Every soap needs a train wreck and GH has Maxie. It's a shame, her father Mac (who is around) is not shown being concerned for her, it would add depth to her story.

Loving GH,
Elizabeth F.