Sucker for a Shootout 

Thursday’s (today’s) episode of GH reminded me of why I can never leave this show.  Yesterday it may have upset me or bored me to tears, today it made me jump off my bed, boot up my PC and write this column. 

No one can click! Boom! quite like GH and no other show can intersperse tense moments the way GH can.  Sure they always seem to contain Sonny, Jason, Carly and often Jax but who cares when they are just that good. 

I admit that I fast forwarded most of this episode.  Same crap, just another day, until that is, my TiVo marked the 53 minute spot and damn did all that change.  I think perhaps I’ve become an action junkie. 

Let me say that these days I hate Sam’s hair.  I don’t like this poofy -back/updo/hairsprayed/face-in-a-fan thing she has going on of late but that orange dress was killer on her figure. 

Amelia creeps me out.   

Jason needs to just spill before this boy drives his motorcycle off into the night and forgets to return.  Perhaps while there he can meet up with Anna and Robert who I have no idea where they went.  Yet, this story allows Steve Burton to do what he does best and cast longing looks at Elizabeth and say more in a scene by saying nothing than Maxie says in a week’s worth of episodes. 

I love all things LuLu.  She just rocks the screen no matter who she is with or what she is doing and I love it best when she’s giving Maxie a beat down.   

If you needed any more proof that Maxie is a skanky ho I think it became apparent when after sex with Cooped she sat in the middle of the bed, wrapped in a sheet and smirked while Logan and Coop fought and LuLu, Dillon and Milo piled in to break it up.  Girl just does not care!      

Anyway back to my point and my inspiration… 

The shots ring out…flash to Logan and Coop tackling LuLu and Maxie…flash to Elizabeth collapsing…flash to Jax’s diamonds..and wait for it because here it is…the very point to this whole column… 

Flash to Logan and Coop, they pull out their weapons, cock them into the ready position (I can so be in that position), than look at one another and give each other that macho nod of understanding that only men can do… 


Sonny and Jason are so yesterday…I want to see the Logan and Coop show. 

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