If I could choose the couples on GH, I would go….BOLD.  Really bold.  Shake things up.  Heck the longest enduring couple on GH is officially broken up now, so why not start with a clean slate?   I mean, isn't that what Fronsie is all about?  Keep it new, keep it fresh?  No, I won't go as far as Fronsie… I actually LIKE the veteran characters he seems to have no use for.  That said, let's see what kind of mischief I can get into…

One of the most glaring examples of a golden opportunity (IMO) gone by the wayside is the enormous potential of a Lorenzo-Alexis pairing.  Yes, I DO love Skye-Lo, but I don't see TPTB ever really following through with them.  But Lo-Lex (Lex-Zo?)  TONS of potential!  I saw it from the very beginning, when Lorenzo first showed up at the Q mansion.  His veiled, somewhat menacing glances at Alexis, for the death of his twin brother sent chills down my spine. 

How amazing would it be for the two of them to FINALLY address that issue?  TPTB seem to have forgotten that the two of them have never really discussed it. Somewhere along the way, TPTB have turned her killing of the first Alcazar into a cold-blooded, premeditated murder.  It wasn't.  It was self-defense.  He did attack her.  Whatever her intent in going over there, he DID attack her, and she DID kill him in self-defense.  Her trying to cover it up after the fact WAS pretty dumb, but hey, she wasn't thinking clearly between all the post-partum hormones and the horror of her and her unborn PRE-MATURE child almost dying in the snow.  Add to that her overwhelming grief over the death of her sister and terror at the thought of Sonny coming anywhere near her defenseless child…Who wouldn't be seriously screwed up?  (Especially after being raised by the Cassadines!)

But I digress…  Consider this scenario:  Lorenzo and Alexis are forced together, by circumstances beyond their control, into a situation where they are forced to depend on one another for survival.  They go through the requisite sniping, snarking and snarling and, once they've had their fill of that, they actually begin to listen to one another.  He asks about his twins' final moments, about how he left her, in labor, in  the snow, likely to die…And slowly, he begins to understand.

She explains, calmly and regretfully how she had to kill his brother to protect herself.  Lorenzo's a bright guy.  He knows what his brother was like. (I'm fairly certain they even grew up together.)  He knows she's telling the truth.  He begins to see her in a different light.  Much the same way he saw what's-her-name?  The woman he wanted to marry before she was killed?  Anyway, he starts to appreciate her strength and intelligence, and even her neuroses.  After all, he didn't exactly grow up with the Cleaver's, did he? 

In Alexis, he begins to see the woman he has always longed for.  Strong, independent, yet somewhat fragile and in need of a certain brand of protection - or assurance.  In turn, Alexis sees, not the mobster, but the once aspired for professor.  Educated, intelligent, cultured, aristocratic, handsome, strong, and like her, in desperate need of a stable family life - far away from the mob business.  Lorenzo Alcazar, sans mob-ties, is the ideal man for Alexis Davis.  He is the yin to her yang.  Both possess fiery tempers, to be sure, but Lorenzo is much more even tempered and would bring a calming influence to her life. 

Alexis needs an ally, not an adversary, in a mate.  Ric is too much of an adversary, less an equal partner in marriage.  Alexis needs a mate who is NOT an attorney, but a businessman or a college professor.  Lorenzo can be both - and with him, it would NOT be dull or boring!  Krystina would ADORE Lorenzo, and he would just adore her right back.   Molly will too, when she's old enough to appreciate him.  And, just to satisfy Fronsie's Sonny lust, just think about how demented it would make him to have Lorenzo raising Krystina with Alexis…

Are you picturing it?  Good.  Yes…I will wait while you pull yourselves together.

Ready?  Okay…Now, I don't mean for there to be ANY machinations on Lorenzo's part to hook up with Alexis just to stick it to Sonny.  I see Lorenzo genuinely in love with Alexis and vice-versa.  (The Sonny angst is just a bonus!) For that matter, it would irk Carly, too, to no end to have Alexis end up with yet another of her exes.  So that's two of Fronsie's favorite pets tied up in the same storyline!  Everybody wins! 

On to other potential pairings…

Bobbie and Noah.  Yes.  Finally.  They have amazing chemistry, let them hook up.  Please.   "Middle-aged" love CAN be hot.  These two are proof.

Jax and Carly.  I thought I would hate it, but these two are fabulous together.  Go figure.  I say KEEP THEM TOGETHER WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Ditto Lucky and Elizabeth.

Nikolas and…Hmm….Tough call.  Maxie is out of his league.  Way out.  Too bad Sam is his cousin, because there is all kinds of potential there.  But, if Robin is going to stick around (and if Tyler Christopher stays as well) I could see things developing between them.  She needs to stay far, far away from Patrick.  He brings out the absolute worst in her.  I wouldn't exactly call Nikolas "stable" but he is more stable than Patrick FOR ROBIN.  And I think, given her background, she wouldn't be intimidated by Helena, but she would have a healthy respect for the threat Helena poses.  Her parents did, after all, battle the Cassadines once upon a time.  Imagine Helena's "displeasure" at Nikolas hooking up with Robin Scorpio.

Speaking of Scorpios…and Suttons…and Spencers (oh my!) and with the (all too brief) reappearance of Anna-Freakin-Devane, why not take this opportunity to bring Felicia back?  Robert-Anna-Luke-Holly-Felicia-Mac (come ON, we have to give Mac a chance to return to the height of his glory-crime-fighting days, too!)  What a team!!  What FUN!  Think of the snark!  Think of the adventures!  Think of the legacy they can pass on to the likes of Lucky, Lulu, Dillon and even Georgie!

Patrick…He really needs to be footloose and fancy-free for a while.  They keep bouncing him off various females to see what will ignite, but so far, they haven't quite hit that magic combo yet. 

Moving on to the dreaded Emily… (Pardon me while I pause to swallow back the bile rising in my throat.)  Emily, like Patrick, needs to lone-wolf it for a while.  She does not need a man in her life right now.  She needs to focus on her supposed career.  She needs to be spinster-doctor Q.  At least for a while.  A long while.  If I had to pair her with anyone, it might be Ric.  I actually do see more sparks between them than there ever were/are between Emily and Sonny.  I know that gives Ric even more of Sonny's leftovers, but at this point, that's almost all the eligible women in town!  And now that Emily isn't nearly the pristine good-girl anymore, she and Ric might just be a good match.  Sorry Ric, but you deserve this for reverting back to kissing Sonny's arse for approval.

Last but not least, Sonny Corinthos.  He desperately needs to make friends with his right hand for a year or so.  Maybe his left; we'll leave that choice up to him.  Sonny's desperate fear of "being alone" needs to be faced.  He needs to be alone, so he can see that it's okay to be alone, and it won't kill him.  It might make him appreciate the people who have the misfortune of loving and caring about him.  It could even make him a better father. 

Will any of this happen?  Probably not in a million years.  But hey…a girl can dream, can't she?

See ya around the water cooler!

By Cindy


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