GH − I Was Wrong!

I didn't think I could despise Ric more than I already did.  I was wrong! Sonny may be bi-polar, but Ric is twisted.  Thus far, he has slept with three of Sonny's women, Reese, Alexis and Sam which put him in the same bed with Sonny sleeping with the mother and the daughter.  He has also broken his wedding vows twice, first with Reese and now with Sam.  He was dating Liz and sleeping with Faith, kidnapped Carly, tried to get Jason killed by Manny and gas lighted Sonny.  Sam can be forgiven; she had just been trashed by her mother; had the knife twisted deeper in her heart by her ex-fiancÚ and got drunk.  There is no excuse for Ric who took advantage of Sam's vulnerability.

I have always loved Patrick, Robin not so much.  I didn't think I would like Robin again or like Robin and Patrick as a couple.  I was wrong!  Robin actually became likable.  I hope TPTB will allow her to be more human and less condescending.  At the very least she owes Patrick an apology for believing Maxi and not him.

I didn't think I could ever dislike Maxi after watching that character grow up.  I was wrong!  I never understand why TPTB replaced Robyn Richards with Kirsten Storms.  TPTB have turned Maxi into a low life unsympathetic skank.  I guess they had to change actresses to do that.  They need to bring Felicia back pronto even if they have to recast her and get Mac back on the canvas.  Maxi is out of control and obviously needs her mother.  Felicia has been gone for too long.

I hope TPTB are not going to do another "who's the daddy" storyline.  They have already beaten this story to death with Monica (Alan and Rick), Felicia (Frisco and Mac), Carly (AJ and Sonny), Liz (Zander and a Rick pretend) Alexis (Ned and Sonny), Sam (Jax and Sonny) and Courtney (Jax and Nikolas).  I hope against all hope that no other women in Port Chuck gets pregnant for awhile, especially Sam or Liz.  What ever happened to birth control pills and condoms without holes?

I would like nothing better than for someone to give Jason Morgan a child and the Quartermaines another grandchild, however, the only woman I want carrying Jason Morgan's baby is Sam.  They have kept the fans waiting for a wedding between Jason and Sam for two years.  This couple has been through hell and back together.  In fact, I was still waiting for Steve Burton to take off his shirt and give us a good hot love scene.  I got part of my wish, a shirtless Steve Burton and a semi hot love scene except it was with the wrong woman.  If and only if Kelly leaves would I want TPTB to rebuild Liason.   I would also like to grovel at the feet of the person who convinced Steve Burton to take off his shirt and do a love scene.

I am so loving all of the interactions.  This is one of the reasons I have watched GH for so long, they realize people's path's do cross and they do interaction so well.  Give me more Edward and Jason, Nikolas and Emily, Carly with LuLu, Sam or Liz, Sonny and Alcazar, Sonny and Lainey, Liz and Georgie; LuLu and Sonny, Sonny and Alexis, etc...  Give me new interactions to feast on like Nikolas and Sam, Helena and Sam, Robert & Mac, Anna and Mac, Robin and Mac, Epiphany and Maxi, the possibilities are endless.  I love that Sonny is becoming the go to guy for confidences.  I can deal with a mellower Sonny as long as he doesn't entirely lose his edge.


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