Another one bites the dust, first Reese, then John Durant and now Justus Ward.  No fanfare, no death scene, here today, gone tomorrow.  I heard it through the grapevine that Justus was a goner before it actually happened.  I wish I cared.  To me, Justus was dead long before TPTB decided to unceremoniously kill him off.   M'fundo Morrison the actor and the character of Justus had less screen time than non-contact and day players.  They brought back a strong character with ties to a lot of Port Charles citizens only to ruin him.

I loved the first Justus, the actor, Joseph C. Phillips and the character.  When TPTB decided to bring the character back and recast him I thought, OK, if the character is as sexy and as dynamic as he was before, I can live with that.  I thought M'fundo would have a chance to be integrated into the lives of not just Sonny and Jason's world but also the Spencer's and Quartermaines.  Just us didn't stand a chance because there has been no diversity on General Hospital for years.

I digress.  Why is Dr. Winters conducting free therapy sessions in the waiting area across from the nurses' station?  Why would a doctor bring up Sonny's name when his brother started fishing for answers?  What kind of shrink does not know when she is being played, first by Sonny, then by Ric? 
And why did it take Lainey so long to jump Justus's bones?  It would have been nice to send Justus off with a smile on his face.

I know General Hospital is a soap, but once in a while I wish the women on this show were not so dumb.  First Maxie was an undercover back-up cop, now she's a drug pimp for a whacked out married man with a badge and a gun.  What's next for Maxie, stalking?  Georgie has a tender spot for Diego the petty thief who doesn't have enough sense to take off his flashy watch when pulling a stick up.

Elizabeth, the all knowing nurse who is so in tune to everybody in Port Charles is unaware that her husband is a drug addict.  Oh wait, didn't they do this story already with Alan and Monica with the same drug?

Sonny, Sonny, Sonny, it's all about Sonny.  Emily as Sonny's savior?  I don't think so, though I can't really tell because my fast forward button is giving my thumb a good work out.  Emily spends more time with Sonny than at the hospital.  When does she study or practice medicine?  She's either defending Sonny, preventing Sonny from trashing the place or banging him in every room of the house.  Why not call Carly and have her commit Sonny the way he did her, it's only fair.

I wish I cared about Robin.  She came back as a self-righteous pain in the butt and I have found it difficult to even like her, though I thank her for the aerobic thumb workout on the fast forward button.  A real friend would have gone to Jax the minute she discovered the truth and given him an opportunity to do the right thing, especially if she believed Carly was the culprit in the baby stealing.   Robin and Patrick big yawn. Carly's revenge on Robin, sweet.

Where has my tough as nails, sarcastic Tracy gone?  I love her with Luke, but since she's been with him, she has lost her edge.  Here's a thought, Tracy needs a friend and Carly needs a new best friend.  Those two as best pals; could give Luke a run for his money.

I'm every woman is so busy manipulating Sam she's unaware of how psychotic her husband is and that the murderer she set free killed Justus; shot Sam; is staking out her house and talking to Kristina.  I can't wait for this to play out.  Since Alexis defended Manny would prosecuting him be a conflict of interest?

I hope TPTB do not put Sonny and Carly back together.  I like the dynamic of Jax and Carly and/or Patrick and Carly.  I know a lot of people don't like Carly; I do, because every good soap needs a Carly to shake things up.

And please TPTB, no more girls night out!  I could do without the false bonding moments over tequila at Jake's except for seeing Coleman.  Here's a fantasy, Coleman banging one of those women on the bar, maybe the sleazy Kelly.

Farewell Justus, rest in peace along with the other wasted characters who went before you!

By Annette



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