“It must have been important” 

      I have been watching General Hospital for nearly 18 years now and I have stayed with it through the good and the bad.  There have certainly been plenty of WTF moments on that show as loyal viewers can certainly attest.  Casey the Alien anyone?  However, no moment struck me as absurd as last Friday (3/17) when Jason told Sonny he couldn’t tail Carly because he had something to do and Sonny responded with much contempt and disbelief that “it must have been important”.  As in, "How in the world could anything you have to do possibly be more important than tailing my ex-wife around town and monitoring who she has dinner and drinks with?"  The whole thing smacks of the misogynistic jerk they have turned Sonny into, especially coupled with the fact that Sonny was out of town with Emily (a horrid pairing in my humble opinion) and they were lying about their whereabouts.  It saddens me to see how Sonny is turning on his hetero life partner (little shout out to Jay and Silent Bob). 

      I used to be a big fan of Sonny’s.  I loved him with Brenda and when he and Carly first hooked up, but now I can barely tolerate him and find myself fast forwarding through most of his scenes.  Thankfully, the PTB have realized that not everyone wants to live in the Sonnycentric universe and have started expanding out storylines that have little to nothing to do with him (although I am definitely impressed with how they managed to make Sam being Alexis’ daughter all about Sonny). 

            A few random thoughts:

            --Sam is only 25? Really, 25?

            --Nobody thinks further check-ups after this “epidemic” are necessary?

            --More Max!  He is awesome and his scenes with Carly are hilarious.       


By Erica

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