The Women of GH Ė All Whores
I surf the net occasionally (the only thing I can surf) reading about my favorite soap, GH. I donít post very often, mostly because I donít want to pay for a lot of memberships, but lately, Iíve been seeing one topic that bugs me Ė that all women who accept help/money are whores, especially if she ever has/had/or will have sex with the man.
These posts have made me want to ask the following:  Monica married Jeff Webber confusing comfort for love, is she a whore? She put out.
Felicia allowed Mac to raise her daughters after breaking their engagement, does that make her a whore? She put out in advance.
Tracy married a mobster (powerful, rich) looking for a daddy figure Ė was she a whore? She put out.
Carly slept with her motherís husband for revenge, is she a whore?
Sam lived with Jason for almost 2 years and didnít have a job, is she a whore? Does her love and support have no value to the relationship?
Before Elizabeth slept with Jason he helped pay Luckyís medical bills and she didnít set up a payment plan to return the money. She didnít accept the money and say ďThe amount you gave equates to one whole night of magnificent, mind blowing, un-regrettable sex, letís meet in the penthouse at 6:00 the night of a future blackoutĒ either. Is she a whore or just a woman accepting aid from a friend?
At what point did all women become whores?
Wives must be whores. Ever have sex with your husband just to put him in a good mood, before asking him to do something you know he hates doing?
Girls who sleep with their boyfriends after he buys dinner must be whores.
Bobbie was a whore, she will even tell you she was.
Deciding if someone is a whore or not is a personal opinion, but if you ask me, the total number of whores on GH = zero.

Loving GH,
Elizabeth Fischer