GH, In the Toy Rotation She's King!

I was breast fed General Hospital, been watching it since birth. And like my blankie and pacifier I never wanted to give her up. Being on the high end of my twenties, the blankie and pacifier are long gone; GH, I'm holding on to. I may put her down to play with other toys, but in the toy rotation she's King.

I remember sneaking quietly up from the playroom, trying not to let Mom see that I wasn't downstairs where I was supposed to be (GH was her show, her time to be kid free). I watched, huddled in the doorway, ready to flee should I be spotted, as Laura broke Scotties heart. By the time Elizabeth Taylor cursed Luke and Laura my Mom accepted my addiction and I watched GH at her knee.

I remember that Alan and Monica were always yelling, never could make out about what, and I loved it. Holly's accent was foreign and exotic; I wanted her with Luke and I wanted her with Robert. I was very easy to please. I absolutely adored Edward, Lila and Tracy; they seemed like such a quirky family to me.

The Aztec princess and her golden knight were a fairytale come true. Then Frisco died and Colton Shore, the evil knight, cast a spell on the princess. I hated him. But what I hated more was watching Frisco let Felicia marry the evil knight. I looked at my Mom and said, "But she loves Frisco, not the evil guy, why doesn't he stop her?" That was great soap.

School interrupted my GH watching. I eagerly anticipated every school break when I could pull GH out and play with her again.

I loved the Robert and Robin scenes, he reminded me of my dad. After awhile she got annoying, she was my age and she was a dose of reality that I didn't want to watch. I hated that her life was so adventurous and mine was not. I preferred the adults.

Bobby and Tony, Bill Eckert and Julia Barret, AJ and Jason Quartermaine, Karen and Jagger (Oh my!), the nurses ball, I loved it all, even Sarah Webber. I loved GH.

After college, I entered the real world and coincidence or not GH became less important, perhaps a little stagnant. Yet, like a petulant child holding on to a dirty, worn, old blankie I refused to give her up. Recently, I've been rewarded. I love GH again - there is humor, character integration, silly adventures, and history. Most importantly, there are characters I care about who are on screen and have a story.

Loving GH,
Elizabeth Fischer

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