The Women of GH – The Jones-Scorpio Girls
I was 7 when Felicia first came to GH. Dressed as a boy, she crawled out from under Frisco Jones’ bed and began annoying him instantly. I still remember her long blond hair falling out of her cap. She captivated my attention because she was everything I was not:  fun, adventurous, beautiful (I was 7 after all); and an Aztec Princess.
She fell in love with Frisco and he with her making me believe in happy endings, then Frisco “died”. Kristina Wagner, played the grieving widow so well my heart broke for her. I was mad at her when she fell for Colton Shore. I couldn’t understand how she could fall in love with anyone other than Frisco. Besides, doesn’t true love last forever?. I jumped out of my seat for joy when Frisco returned from the dead and couldn’t understand why he would let Felicia marry “that man”. “True love” prevailed and Frisco finally won back Felicia’s heart.
I loved Felicia’s stories, I wanted to be her when I grew up. She had great friends (Robert and Anna Scorpio, Sean and Tiffany, Tony Jones, Bobby Spencer and Lucy Coe), great clothes, and many fun adventures. I loved her amnesia stories because they opened up the possibility of being different people, exploring new parts of oneself.
Then she had Maxie, Mariah Maximilliana Jones, in 1990. It was a very dramatic birth, Felicia was stuck in her apartment window and dressed as a clown. With that entrance into the world Maxie was destined for drama – soap drama. Frisco left both his girls and soon after Mac Scorpio entered the picture. He loved them both – enough to search for Frisco when Maxie needed
a heart transplant.
Frisco’s return resulted in Felicia’s second girl, Georgianna Jones, Georgie. Both girls have grown up with only one constant in their life – Mac. Felicia decided to follow Frisco’s example and lead a life of adventure. Like most soap children we only saw them intermittently, but enough to get to know each girl.
Maxie has crushed on Lucky Spencer for years so it’s no surprise that she fell in love when given a chance. She is a desperate girl – wanting to live up to her parent’s reputations, wanting their love. She is also feisty, like her mother. What moments of grace and niceness she has are owed to Mac. He loves her, even if she is a train wreck, and she knows it. The recent episode where they finally got to talk, as father and daughter, was a wonderful nod to Mac’s history and Felicia’s family.
Georgie grew up as the nice, quiet, smart girl. She’s having some growing pains – like any girl. Her love for Dillon hurts her more than it gives her joy, but perhaps that’s true for most young loves. I like that she’s a researcher, that she jumps in with both feet and goes after every last bit of information. Even the pervy professor sees Georgie’s good points – hopefully Dillon starts noticing her again soon too.
I’m glad that the remaining Jones-Scorpio girls are getting stories. That they are continuing to grow-up on GH.

Loving GH,
Elizabeth Fischer