I’m one of those soap viewers who watches not for couples, but for families.  I watch All My Children for the Chandlers- always have, always will.  I’ve stomached a lot for that family.  I’ve watched JR not only forgive, but remarry the bigamist who stole his baby and told him it was dead.  Granted, he wasn’t a perfect victim in the equation, but there are some storylines on soaps that require a redemption arc- baby stealing sure is one of them.  Even Erica Kane had to go to jail for that crime.  I have watched Skye be deChandlered, and sent off to two shows that have no clue who Skye Chandler really is.  I have watched Hayley remarry the man who shoved vodka in her face. And then there’s Stuart- he’s always been the “Beacon of Truth and Light” on this show, but the past few years he’s lost his character, and has become only  a prop for the gray and even black characters on this show, justifying their heinous actions.  But through it all, there has been one man who has stood steadfast in his utter and complete Chandlerness- I’m speaking of course, about Adam freaking Chandler.
So now I ask, where’d he go? Who is this man claiming he’s in love with Krystal- a woman who told Bianca Montgomery her child was dead (a woman whom Adam tried to protect during the Michael Cambias mess) and who told JR his son was dead?  Not only did she keep Little Adam from JR, but she continually, to the present day calls him an awful, heinous person. Who is this man? David Canary is a fantastic actor.  I have watched him play Adam.  I have watched him play Stuart.  I have watched him play Adam pretending to be Stuart pretending to be Adam and vice versa.  Each portrayal is different and nuanced and wonderful.  But here? In his scenes with Krystal?  I don’t know who the hell he’s playing.  And I don’t blame David Canary.  I blame the writers.
Because Adam Chandler would never fall for Krystal Carey. 
And Krystal Carey would never best Adam- at least not the way it’s depicted on my screen.  I resent the fact that Krystal can “one up” Adam.  I have no doubt she can do it- she’s a lying, deceiving, manipulative kidnapper.  But have the writers forgotten that Adam is also a lying, deceiving, manipulative kidnapper? I don’t mind Krystal beating Adam- but can we at least not have to dumb down the character in order to do it?  Getting him drunk and conning him into marriage? That awful party that went on forever at Christmas? Adam Chandler threatens to call the police when Tad enters his home, but not when a bunch of random truckers do? Adam can’t call up Barry and get out of this marriage?
A while back, Krystal did try to seduce Adam.  You know what? He wanted none of it.  There was never an “I hate you but I secretly want to sleep with you” vibe between the two.  He simply wasn’t interested.  And that was refreshing.  Adam Chandler had arguably, two loves of his life- Brooke English and Liza Colby.  These two women are vastly different- Brooke has always represented to Adam “goodness”, much like his twin brother.  She’s his example of the best kind of woman.  Liza was his partner in crime- she was willing to get her hands dirty.  And I guess some people might equate Liza with Krystal but… there’s no comparison in my opinion.  Liza and Brooke, though vastly different people, come from wealthy families.  They are educated.  They are cultured.  They are classy.  They didn’t teach their daughters to cook breakfast on hair appliances.  And therein lays the difference.  Unlike someone like Palmer, Adam has never been attracted to the “country bumpkins” PV imports from Pigeon Hollow or Crow Hollow or wherever Opal’s from.  So can I get a little character continuity here writers?
Someone check the panic room and see if Adam got locked in there again because this man on my screen is not Adam Chandler.  And I personally don’t care to watch until he’s back.

By Darliana

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