Clueless in Pine Valley..........

When EXACTLY did Erin Lavery lose her mind?  My theory is that she lost it at precisely the moment she decided that Ryan was not such a d*ckhead after all, and instantly began hero-worshipping him, like so many other deluded PV-ites.  It's a shame.  Seriously.  The girl had potential.

She was dead-bang-on when she first threw down with Ryan.  Her accusations about him caring only for himself when he abandoned her and Jonathug to the not-so-tender mercies of their abusive father were true.  He did.  There is no question about that.  Sure, he may have only been sixteen at the time,
but he was OUT.  He was free.  He could have gone to the authorities at any time and turned the child-beating bastard in, thereby saving his younger siblings from any further abuse.  He chose not to.  He turned his back on them and went on with his own life, never giving them another thought.

When Ryan viciously accused that teacher of contributing to the abuse Jonathug suffered by not reporting the abuse, it was a definite pot/kettle moment.  Did he realize that at the time?  Nope.  Did he care?  Of course not!  The blame belongs anywhere but squarely on the shoulders of Holy Ryan Lavery of the Valley, hero to PV-ites (who should know better).  Yes, I know this is ancient history, but it came back and hit me squarely in the face when the littlest Lavery began waxing poetic about the legendary REAL love that Jonathug (isn't he like.30?!) and Lily (barely SORAS'ed to 18) share. (And what the hell was that line she tossed out when Kendall was being carted away by the paramedics the other day?  "The baby  needs his father!")


(Sorry.I just threw up a little in my mouth.)

Why is she, an intelligent, articulate grown woman, espousing the purity and sanctity of the all-time great love her murdering, abusive brother (a thirty/near-thirty year old MAN) feels for a tender, YOUNG child like Lily? Loyalty to ones family is one thing, a good thing, most of the time, but supporting a relationship between a grown man, and a girl who is still very much a child, in spite of her "legal" age, is another thing entirely.  Jonathug is reformed.  Jonathug is a sweet little boy, now that he's had brain surgery.  Jonathug would never do anything to hurt anyone.  Yeah. Right.  Much as I blame Jackson for letting Lily run loose on the streets, Jonathug has done MUCH to contribute to the delinquency of a (then) minor.

What wonderful qualities (exactly) has Jonathug brought out in Lily?  The ability to lie, when she never could/would before.  Disobedience. Disrespect for parental authority.  He taught her how to break the rules that didn't suit her. What else?  I know there's more, but it makes me queasy every time I think about that great love that is (supposed to be) Jonathug and Lily.  Bottom line is, how is any of that the REAL LOVE that Erin was talking about?  When you love someone, and someone loves you, it is supposed to bring out the best in you - not the worst, and certainly not negative qualities you never had before.

Who is Erin to question Jackson's decision not to allow his daughter to consort with Jonathug?  Erin.  The girl who (until Aidan) has never known (or had) a decent, normal relationship with ANYBODY (not just romantic) during her entire life.  Her childhood should qualify her to recognize an abusive relationship (especially between parent and child,) but she's clueless.  Jackson is not abusing Lily or scarring her for life by not allowing her to consort with Jonathug.  He is being a responsible parent.  At least in that respect.  Admittedly, Jackson needs a LOT of help with his execution of said responsible parenting, but that's not the point.  (We can talk about Jacksons' parental shortcomings later!)

Is it simply because no one ever protected Erin as a child that she doesn't recognize such protection in action?  Or is she REALLY that dumb?  I do not think she is stupid because, as I said, she had Ryan pegged correctly when they met up in Canada.  Maybe it is a blind spot, reserved only for her beloved brothers?  I would (seriously) love to see her response to anyone who miraculously managed to get a court order granting THEM complete control over her unborn baby and her body if SHE were in Kendall's position.  She would be outraged, and rightfully so.  But since it's Ryan stepping over that line, it's perfectly fine!  In WHAT universe is that fine, Erin?!

The world at large is supposed to forgive and forget everything that Ryan and Jonathug have done.why?  Because Erin says so?  Because they've changed? Even if they have, (which is debatable, in my opinion) it doesn't change or fix what they have done.  It doesn't bring back the people Jonathug killed. They may not be criminally liable for the damage they have done, but that doesn't mean people (in general) are REQUIRED to fall at their feet and worship them.  It doesn't even mean that they have to like or accept them. Erin needs to gain some much-needed perspective when it comes to her brothers.  Serious perspective.  And,  soon.

Erin Lavery has far too much potential to waste her as yet another person to prop up Ryan/Jonathug as Patron Saints of Pine Valley.  It would be much more interesting (read: riveting) to see her as a loving, yet on-the-opposite-side-of-the-fence sister.  Maybe even NOT-so-loving. Instead of running around, singing the virtues of her less than virtuous brothers, perhaps she should be the one opposing them.  She should be taking Kendall's side on the baby issue.  If she truly loves Jonathug, then she should NOT be encouraging him in his pedophilia, but rather encouraging him  to find other pursuits, and (child that she and Ryan see him as) she should be invested in teaching him your basic wrong-from-right, to go along with those mad life-skills he's been "learning" from Nurse Hoolia.  Or, she could be taking a life-skills class herself.  She's in as desperate need of that every bit as much as her brothers.

By Cindy

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