I have to admit that it’s just another day in Port Charles now that Luke’s playmates have deserted him. I’m afraid April, and the return of Robert Scorpio can’t come soon enough for me.  One thing that does stand out for me however, are the wonderful performances that we are seeing from Dr.’s Drake, Robin, Carly, Jax, Sonny, Jason, Emily, and even Max. Of course, the writers need to be careful. Pretty soon, they’ll run out of bed partners for Sonny, Carly, and Jax. I mean if they have Sonny hiding behind couches, how long before we see Sonny sucking up sodas at Kelly’s with the Scooby gang or hanging out with Emily in the dorm? 

Derk Cheetwood (please tell me that’s a stage name) has definitely risen to the top of GH’s food chain with some very inspired performances this month. By making Max Sonny’s confidante, GH has wisely chosen to put Max in the middle of the “is Sonny or isn’t Sonny sleeping with Emily” drama. Last week alone, he not only lied to cover for Sonny and Emily, but actually threw himself down a flight of stairs to keep them from being discovered. And more importantly than that, he’s given the best advice to Sonny which was to straighten out his personal life, quick. A smart fellow like that deserves a promotion and a raise, and not just for more dance lessons.

Jason and Sam have gotten on my last nerve. Their relationship is stuck somewhere between the River Whine and Abstinence Gap. You know, if Jason was out there taking care of business at work and at home, instead of getting in Sonny’s beeswax, he wouldn’t be so obsessed with who’s in Sonny’s bed. And what’s got him all bent out of shape anyway? Emily isn’t even a blood relative. Could it be that deep down, he’s afraid that Emily won’t need big bad Jason to protect her anymore, that’s got his shorts in a twist? 

Sam on the other hand, must have gotten hit over the head, because she no longer repeats herself about how much she hates Alexis. I actually heard her say something that made sense last week, and it wasn’t about Alexis. She also squeezed the “girls” into that dress to try and keep Jason out of that whole “Brokeback Mountain” thing he was getting sucked into. Sorry, poor choice of words there. 
And for two people who are trying to keep their relationship a secret, Sonny and Emily are pretty clueless. First of all, it’s a miracle that Emily, the town crier, hasn’t given everyone the 411 on what it’s like to have sex with Sonny’s magic penis. And that must be some kind of industrial spermicide they’re using since they’ve “known” each other for almost three weeks, and Emily’s not pregnant yet. I mean really, there must be something in the water in Port Charles. Look at poor Skye. She has sex one time with Lo, and as soon as she wakes up from the monkey flu, BAM, she’s in her third trimester! 
But I digress. Sonny and Emily are so clueless about hiding their “relationship” (and I use that term loosely, more like a midnight booty call if you ask me), that they disappear together twice in two weeks, and barely escape being caught about a dozen times. Heck, when I saw Sonny go in the confessional, I fully expected Emily to be in there waiting for him. I guess the other thing I don’t understand is how Emily and Jason are getting back and forth to Sonny’s compound? Do they land in helicopters or do the drivers take them, so no one ever knows when the other is there? How does that work exactly? 
I love love love Laura Wright as Carly, and that’s quite a complement, since I liked most of the other Carlys as well. That girl KNOWS who Carly is. Carly is a button pushing maniac from H@#ll and boy , do I love watching her push Robin’s. They are a match made in Port Charles purgatory. I also love Jax since they’ve toned down his character a bit. For me, he was always like that cute pet you had that was always driving you crazy, so you had to have him neutered. Anyway, I’m so looking forward to Monday, when Jax wakes up after spending the night with Carly, goes to the mirror, and sees red lipstick kisses all over him. And Jax better watch himself too. Carly is another one with fertility issues. If it weren’t for Carly’s propensity for falling, she’d have a whole gang of rugrats. 
Other good performances this week came from that deliciously cocky Dr. Drake. The writers have done their homework on this one. A lot of doctors are arrogant, stubborn, and self-serving, so Patrick and his father fit right in. Throw a little Robin into the mix and voila', we see little bits and pieces of Dr. Patrick’s humanity. Not a lot, but just enough to make us like him. Of course, what’s not to like? Just looking at him, makes we want to have a serious head injury. 

By: Charlotte

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