While I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Sonny compare his life to a Jerry Springer program, I am thoroughly disgusted with the whole Sam is Alexis’ daughter storyline, and here’s why – once again the Charles Pratt and co. have managed to make a storyline that has barely anything to do with Sonny, ALL ABOUT SONNY.  Poor Sonny with his armor piercing sperm managed not only to sleep with but impregnate a mother and daughter.  Big deal.  Sure, it’s a little creepy, but if he didn’t know what he was doing when he did it, no harm, no foul.  I think that every time he has slept with/become involved with another woman while still married (separated or not) is a lot worse than finding out he’s inadvertently slept with both a mother and a daughter. This should be easily shrugged off and forgotten on his part.  Instead, we get to see him brood over it.  It’s going to push him into one of his depressed episodes where he trashes the penthouse and ignores his kids (poor Michael, missed a field trip – I wonder where they were going that had him so interested?) and berates his loved ones because he is just such a tortured soul.  (Albeit a murdering, drug running, prostitution pimping, money laundering, stolen goods fencing tortured soul, but a tortured soul none-the-less.)  Ha!  I don’t know if Sonny’s involved in all those crimes or not, but I DO know there’s something special in that coffee he imports.  I also have a prediction – if by chance Sonny is still around GH in 10 years, he will sleep with the offspring of Sam and Jason.  Yes, I predict Sam and Jason will finally have a baby, it will be a girl.  Then Sam will leave town (when Kelly Monaco gets a prime-time deal) and take said offspring with her.  Ten years from now they will have SORAS’d the offspring to a twenty-something FBI agent who does not identify who her parents are.  She’ll come to town to take down the organized crime ring led by Sonny and Jason (her father, unbeknownst to her) and she’ll sleep with Sonny because no one can resist Sonny Corinthos with his super penis and armor piercing sperm.  Thus, Sonny will have slept with the grandmother, mother, and daughter.  Kind of like that recent Jennifer Aniston/Kevin Costner/Shirley Maclaine film that didn’t do anything at the box office… but I digress (I do that a lot).   

As far as sleeping with people who are related, Alexis is the intelligent one here.  She slept with two brothers, and she kept the one whose equipment was bigger.  Smart woman.


By Cathy Rigby

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