The ABC soaps and I go way back...I can actually recall scenes from the 1970s (I was born in 1970, same as All My Children!).  My mother has often told the story of when I came running from the TV room at my Aunt’s house to tell them that Baby PJ was about to drink the bad iced tea (which Heather had laced with LSD).   

As the years have passed, I have been off and on with AMC and OLTL, but always remained pretty loyal to GH.  I was in 7th grade when we got our first VCR (I think it was bigger than the TV it was connected to) and the only two shows that I taped religiously were GH and Joanie Loves Chachi!  I strayed to other networks in my 20’s because of new friends that watched other shows (I was a huge Santa Barbara freak until its cancellation, though I almost boycotted in the end there when they had the nerve to turn Frisco into some loser named Warren – at least when B&B got him they gave him a cool name and a macho profession).  Until last summer, I watched AMC every day at lunchtime at my office, where I managed to convert even the men over a 13-year period in that lunch room! 

Now that I work from home, my AMC and OLTL viewing is based around my 7-month old’s feeding schedule – I do Tivo AMC and GH, but unless AMC is on a good tear, it gets deleted most nights without a run-through.  Not to get all “Brokeback Mountain”, but I just can’t quit GH!  Even when I have had close to four weeks worth backed up on the Tivo (deleting EVERYTHING else to make room for it), I find my way through. 

Since I have babbled on about ME for so long, I guess it’s time to write an actual COLUMN!  Here is my opinion on where they should go with the Sam/Alexis baby-mama drama and also a shout-out to my new favorite character… 

Who’s Your Daddy?

Okay, it’s way too early in this storyline for me to be THIS annoyed.  They can save it for me by making Robert Scorpio Sam’s daddy.  I don’t recall Alexis laying eyes on Robert during the epidemic, so isn’t it still plausible that she could have hooked up with a slightly older Aussie that was in Maine for WSB training in 1980?  (Before they came up with the unoriginal “Maine Boarding School” explanation, I had already decided that Robert had impregnated the young Natasha during his past travails with the Cassadine family – perhaps in Greece one summer long ago?) 

When I heard that Sam was going to be the daughter of Robert and Holly, I didn’t buy it (she resembles Anna more than she does Holly OR Alexis).  But think of the relationship/chemistry possibilities if Alexis and Robert are Sam’s parents: 

1.      Alexis/Robert/Rick (major triangle potential)

2.      Alexis & Robert vs. Jason – no daughter of THEIRS is marrying a hit man…

3.      Sam vs. Robin – something for them to bond over (parental neglect) or fight over (who’s daddy’s girl now)?

4.      Cassadine/Scorpio History -  no explanation necessary

5.      Alexis + Robert ÷ Rick vs. Sonny + Jason ÷ Sam – great conflict potential

6.      Luke – not directly related, but he’ll bring some fun to the mess as always  

The possibilities are endless… 

Love Me Some Max!          

Max – LOVE Max!  How could the GH brass have been wasting this man holding up doorframes across Port Charles for so long?  His scenes last week with Sonny, Carly, Jason and even his brother were just priceless.  Watching him dance with Laura Wright’s Carly at the Metro Court and FEELING how uncomfortable he was – of course, I kept waiting for Carly to plug Dancing With The Stars the way she did the Oscars the week before, but I guess since the finale already aired there’s still time for that before next season!       

I was always aware of the fact that Derk Cheetwood is the cousin of Tyler Christopher and does the comedy club thing with a few of the guys on the show, but I got the strange feeling watching last week’s scenes that all the guys went to bat for him and asked TIIC to throw him a few scenes and see what he can do.  The man is funny!   

Max should get together with Letitia, Reginald, Big Alice, Lorenzo’s guards and Alexis’ nanny (can’t remember her name) and hit Jake’s for Monday night karaoke – I’m sure that Coleman would throw them some free shots – they can form a secret society and plot together how to take over Port Charles – they are the ones keeping it all together anyway!

By Candi Calderone

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