Coulda – shoulda- woulda… 

Lots has been happening on GH this week and enjoyably, I’m liking a lot of it. The Sonny/Jason feud is awesome. Man, I hope they keep those two as enemies for a long time and don’t contrive some plot that will have Jason sniveling back to Sonny. The Jason character is definitely ready for growth – spread his wings and fly. What if he took Sonny’s business and made it legit? He could turn it into a huge empire that was not mob-connected, work with Robert on international intrigue issues and become a big daddy on his own. I think he has the metal to do it, if they allow it. Probably won’t because it would diminish Sonny and we can’t have that now can we? 

Emily – there is nothing in her background that shows she would have stayed on Sonny’s side through all this. It’s ludicrous. Miss Goody-Two-Shoes would never have taken a mobsters side. It woulda been so much better if Sonny had actually given up the mob for her and then had to deal with the fallout of not being a crime boss. “Oh baby, I’m trying to be a decent guy for you. Why won’t they leave me alone?” Hey, maybe a visit from St. Peter or St. Paul in a vision coulda turned Sonny around? Then he and St. Emily could have gone off to live in a convent. 

Jax and Carly are a great pair. They need to team those two up in a big project that involves their business – and have it in direct competition with the Cassadines. Then Nik and Jax could not only duke it out over a business but also over the baby. I suppose we’ll get the standard medical drama that is going to reveal that Nik is the baby’s dad through some blood test. But wouldn’t it be cool if it were revealed another way – like maybe through a birth mark common to Cassadines. That maybe Sam has too. Then we could have a double reveal – two Cassadines that no one knew about. 

I’m not really into Robin/Patrick. They just don’t do much for me. Patrick and Liz have chemistry but I hate to see her and UnLucky break up. Poor UnLucky. He never gets a break. I’d like to see he and Liz win the lottery – wouldn’t’ that be a hoot! Watch the fallout there as Luke, Lulu, Tracy and everyone else cuddles up to them.  

Lulu needs a new boyfriend. One her father can’t stand. Dillon is just not her type. She needs more of a wild, bad boy. I don’t think Diego fits the bill either. Maybe a Luke clone who will drive the elder Luke nuts with wild ideas and crazy schemes. Watch the sparks fly. 

You know Lorenzo’s long-lost Sophie just has to return when he and Skye are about to get hitched. That is just classic soap drama that positively must happen. Well – maybe they could twist it a bit and have Lorenzo fall in love with Sophie while Skye is gone (she’s leaving for a while, right?) and not know it’s Sophie. She could have amnesia and not remember him. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Then, what to do with Skye and baby? Classic triangle. The best triangles are when you like all the people in them. When there’s one icky person, it’s easy to root for the remaining couple. It’s harder to pick when all the people are good.  

And am I delusional or did Tracy and Robert have a bit of chemistry? That might be a fun triangle. Robert in love with Luke’s wife. That threesome could get into some big hijinks. 

Guess I’m wishing for a bit more fun on GH these days. Less shooting and more intrigue, romance, mystery and schemes. Something that actually requires us to think! Meh – only in my dreams.

By Beth

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