Coulda – shoulda- woulda… 

I’ve been watching GH since 1962 or so – before I was in kindergarten (please, don’t do the math). I’ve been pretty much a constant viewer, as best I could with school, college, raising kids and jobs. Praise the Lord for Tivo now. 

I decided to write this column, since EOS was taking submissions, based on what I think the writers “coulda”…what they “shoulda”..and what I “woulda” done, not because I’m a better writer, although that’s part of my profession. 

The lack of creativity, genuine understanding of the female viewer and the MTV-ification of GH (quick, fast and dirty) makes it so obvious when they’ve made a quick plot device or taken the easy  way out. Sometimes I think they’re writing for a prime time show, trying to wrap up a story in one hour. The stories need development and depth, so that the viewers truly believe what’s happening and are invested in the outcome. 

Lately, here’s what I think coulda, woulda and shoulda happened… 

-         Courtney’s baby – shoulda let Jax believe it was his all along. Shoulda never even brought up a possible paternity switch. It would be so much more delicious and intense to learn that Courtney had hidden the true identity of the father, Nik, just to keep the baby safe from Helena, not to mention what a wicked fight there will be when Jax and Nik both try to get custody of the babe. 

-         Sonny/Emily – other than snorting over this weird pairing, I woulda started moving Sonny in the direction of getting out of the mob for Emily. Have him try to go legit in order to please her. Have her talk morals to him – get to him with her goodness, instead of her turning a blind eye to his criminal behavior, then watch Carly flip over this turn of events. 

-         Sam and Alexis – great story idea but way, way too fast. It woulda been so much better if Alexis had turned up some other girl as her daughter, only to find out she was a fake, set up by Helena, then to find out that Helena knew Sam was a Cassadine all along but was trying to prevent her from finding out. Wouldn’t it be great if Sam and Alexis found a true friendship – before they knew the truth? Built a true female bond that would be so much sweeter when they found out they  were mother/daughter? The writers coulda found so much more joy in this story. 

-         Luke/Lulu – these two are perfectly suited for going on an adventure, ala Luke and Laura. Wouldn’t it be great to relive a great on-the-run story, with father and daughter, maybe revisiting some of the old places Luke and Laura went on their capers (what was the name of that farm?)?  The writers could work these two into more stories together and watch them team up to pull off capers. 

-         I also woulda never, ever had the turn of events where Robert Scorpio looks like a deadbeat dad. They shoulda had Robin know all along that her dad was alive, just having kept the secret all this time. They shoulda had her working side by side with him to cure the virus – not with all the animosity. Her return shoulda been connected to her father and the virus – not Jason. 

Those are all my ideas for now. Let’s just hope Jason doesn’t’ shoot Sonny before he’s had time to buy Emily a new dress. I’m getting tired of her in jeans all the time.

By Beth

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