Iíve been watching General Hospital since I was five years old, in the prime of the ďadventure era,Ē 1985.  This, of course, means that my firstborn children would be named Frisco and Feliciaóluckily for them, I decided against having children after learning about the miracle of life and all its ďjoys.Ē 

General Hospital is the only soap opera I watch.  I dabbled in One Life to Live during the late 80ís and early 90ís but it never held my attention (except during the Eternia stage).  What can other soaps offer me when General Hospital has space aliens, ice princesses, and more recently, virus-infected chimps?  Iíve greatly enjoyed the return to fun storylines and itís why Iíve come back to the show after taking a brief hiatus.  Well, if you want to call the time from the introduction of Sam to Jasonís most recent brain damage brief.  In terms of my 20 years as a fan, 2 years ainít nothing, honey.   

It was hearing about the brain damage that brought me back again.  Iíve always had a few storylines that Iíd love to see play out and Jason regaining his entire memory is a big one of those.  Of course, I didnít get that, but I was drawn in long enough to fall for Courtney and Nikolas and laugh my booty off at the Luke/Tracy pairing.  The tivo also helped my addiction come raging back.  So Iím back to stay.  And Iíve got plenty to say. 

The Legacy Returns:  I love it.  Period.  First of all, I grew up with Robin; I consider her my not real sister.  Iím very happy to have her onscreen again, even if the writers have decided sheís a very bitter person right now.  But thatís okay too, as I canít wait to watch Patrick Drake help her shed her years of tears and rediscover the sweet, caring, and fun girl that she is inside.  I also personally felt vindicated when she defended Sonny to Robert.  It showed, that even though the mobster life isnít for her and she doesnít approve, she still remembers how they were there for each other during Stoneís illness and death.  With her frequent rants against Sonny, itís easy to forget how important they were to each other at that time.  I think Robin, Carly, and Jason are the only three people on the show who know all the sides of Sonny inside and out.  And I respect Robin for being the one of the three who isnít willing to partake in his life, even though she loves him. 

Robertís return was fabulous.  Especially his scenes with Luke.  I didnít remember how much chemistry these two actors have together and I canít wait until Tristan Rogers is back on the canvas so they can improvise together all the time.  I really want to see Robert get involved with someone romantically, but who would that be?  I donít think there are enough single women on the show over 30.  All I can think of is Carly and Bobbie and I canít imagine Robert with either of them.   

I donít remember Holly.  I watched her when I was little but she didnít leave an impression.  And she still doesnít.   

Noah Drake was before my time but I can definitely appreciate him.  I can appreciate his son even more.  I can appreciate his sonís various body partsÖ.okay, Iíll leave it there.  Noah and Patrick are welcome additions to the fold and I look forward to actually having a family relationship showcased in a storyline.  Seeing them try to reconnect and continually butt their stubborn heads is way more interesting than watching Sonny and Emily hide their relationship in Spain.  Though itís nice to see Emily smile.  Anybody else think this has been the longest weekend getaway ever? 

My final note; I really enjoy seeing Max get so much airtime.  Iíve always rooted for the side characters and they very often make the show for me.  Reginald has to be my all-time favorite; what happened to him, anyhow?  Not that I want Big Alice to disappear, but Reginald had great comic timing.  Now, weíve learned that Max has great dance moves.  I was as surprised as Carly when he started busting out and his obvious dismay at having to interact with her is classic.  Iíd feel the same way. 

Thatís it for now.  I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit of my take on GH and that I can bring you more thoughts in the future! 


By Becca Gomez, a.k.a The Gourmez 


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