Itís Time For Change


I know that GH is only soap and at times we have to suspend belief to enjoy the show.  I also realize that the writers have to dumb down the characters to make a story work or Bob Gaza makes up stuff and tells them to write it.  TPTB and the writers of GH all seem to be sipping from the stupid well and they think the fans are too.  Let me also say that I donít have cable and I cannot get Soap Net in my area so I donít care about Night Shift.  I want them to fix the original GH and make it interesting and exciting again.
One of the reasons that GH is so boring is the three main storyline that they keep on constant rewind; blame Sonny (BS); letís have another mob war (MOW) and only in Port Charles (OIPC).  If you (BS) for everything that happens in Port Charles or just kill off a bunch of characters in a (MOW), then you donít have to use your imagination or write an interesting story.
Thank God the Irina story is over.  I wonít even talk about the rape of Jax and how that was handled, that would take pages of bitching.  I was hoping that Irina and Jerry would both end up with bullets in their heads, but not only is he still here, heís on contract and in the opening credits.   James Craig, James Brosnan, Jerry Jacks can not be redeemed unless he is an imposter; he has no redeeming qualities.  Look at his track record.  He held hostages in the Metro Court then blew up the hotel; poisoned Nicholas, threatened him with a gun with his child in the room, set Emily up for espionage, abused a lady of the evening for talking, almost got Jax killed, shot Irina while kissing her (oh wait; I enjoyed that), choked Sam and threatened to kill her if she didnít sleep with Trevor.  Why are TPTB shoving him down our throats until we gag?  If he was to bite the dust in this recycled (MOW) I would be as happy as a pig in shit. Or maybe he could piss Epiphany off and she could stomp him to death, by accident of course, and Diane could defend her.
I am happy to see Trevor Lansing, he is a mesmerizing psycho.  Can anybody say Manny Ruiz in a custom suit with a law degree and powerful friends?  After meeting Trevor you can understand why Ric is so screwed up.  I am looking forward to seeing Trevor stick it to Ric and watching Ric scrim.  Itís time for Ric to get his comeuppance, he has gotten away with entirely too much.
Right now I canít stand Elizabeth, in fact I canít stand most of the female characters in PC, they either bore me or make me roll my eyes until I am cockeyed.  Itís interesting, people I used to like; I can no longer abide.  Who knew I was going to like Amelia more than Sam, or that Kate would grow on me.
Itís time for Elizabeth to get her backbone back, pack up her kids and go before Clueless pees around her in a circle to mark his territory while he goes off and does whatever he wants.  This stupidity has gone on w a a a a y too long.  Yes, he has a right to be angry, Elizabeth did not tell him before she went on the stand and announced to the world that she slept with Jason.  Yes, he should feel inadequate because Jason has saved his butt and Elizabethís numerous times.  I understand her fear of being with Jason, his life is dangerous and she has children to think about; but why stay with Clueless.  Clueless is a sarcastic, sullen, verbally abusive ass who thinks he still deserves sex from his wife while he fantasizes about another woman.   Elizabeth has forgiven him for her sister Sara, Maxie and now Sam.  She married him not once, but twice; yet he canít forgive her for one night with Jason.  I cringe every time he opens his mouth, grabs her arm or defends Sam to her.  This marriage died a slow painful death a long time ago.  Please put us out of our collective misery and break them up already.
Who knew Sam was going to be everything Amelia said she was and more.  Iím happy that she has finally stopped whining but in the process she lost her mind and became stupid.  Who did Kelly Monaco piss off for them to trash Sam this way?  Showing up at Elizabethís house knowing where her baby was and telling her they had something in common, ďI lost a child and now youíve lost a childĒ.  Hiring two thugs to threaten Elizabeth and her children with guns and then justify it to Jason by saying she did him a favor was just plain evil.  Helena would be proud; Samís Cassadine side has come out.  Crying wolf to get Jason to race over to her place so she could show him her hot tub and tell him she was going to do Clueless there instead of telling him that Jerry Jacks had threatened her life if she didnít sleep with Trevor was just plain stupid.  Agreeing to host a television show after scamming men with fake marriages was stupid.  Wanting to get revenge on Elizabeth by screwing Clueless is stupid.
Why is mega slut so pissed off anyway?  Jason took care of her and her brother for three years.  She slept with her motherís husband and Jasonís mortal enemy and both of them forgave her.  She has the job at Everyday Heroes because Jason got her out of the hotel to warn everybody.  She could have confronted him about Jake at anytime, but she remained silent.  Oh wait, she canít have children because she choose to stay with a Mob Hitman and was shot in the back, my bad.
Itís time for Spinelli to stop falling all over Lulu and find someone who appreciates him.  At first it was cute, now itís just pathetic.  Itís time for Lulu to get a brain.  Itís time for Georgie to get a storyline and not be in the shadow of Maxie and Lulu.  Itís time for Stavros to come out of Nikolas; Iím ready for some bad to the bone Cassadine revenge.  Itís time for Alexis to realize that she has lousy taste in men and favors Kristina over Molly.  Itís time for Maxie to grow up and deal with her abandonment issues.  I like the friendship between Maxie and mega slut, every good slut needs a friend.  Maxie and her new gal pal can become a tag team and wreck havoc on the men in PC.  Itís time for Sonny to get Michael back into therapy and get out of the mob.
Itís time for GH to get back to itís roots, tell good stories and integrate the entire cast the hospital  and itís core families and stop telling mob stories and depicting women as empty headed sex objects.
The Bapdiva in Philadelphia