What Happened To All The Fun In Port Charles?


They did away with all of the fun stuff on GH, itís like TPTB have sucked all of the fun out of the show.  The Nurses Ball, Lukeís Club, Alan and Monica fighting and making up, the Quartermaines going at each other, all gone.   I was looking forward to a great concert for Life Beat with Rick Springfield pretending to be Eli Love.  At last something fun that was not about the mob.  But, once again GH missed a golden opportunity to shine.  TPTB should have given the very talented Rick Springfield time to perform a real concert and incorporated every available cast member for this life Beat Aids Concert Storyline.  Hire some extras; use the cast members you have; throw in some scenery for Godís sake, then the concert wouldnít have looked like a cheap set-up.  After the big build up, they made it about Robin and Patrick fighting ad nausea Zzzzzzz and Anna the groupie.  Fans got one song and there was more talking than signing.  Ten will get you twenty that Noah Drake will disappear into the woodwork again.
GH writers or TPTB seem incapable of integrating all or any portion of their very talented mature cast members.   I absolutely love Diane; in fact I seem to love all of the characters who donít seem to be on contract.  The scene with Diane and Max and her going on about her designer outfit to Sonny was hilarious.  Getting to see Mac Scorpio, even briefly was a treat.  Can someone tell me why they are not using the gorgeous Mac Scorpio in more storylines?  You would think with all of the mob stuff you would see more of the Police Commissioner.  That man needs a storyline and a girlfriend, how about Alexis, Skye, Diane, Amelia or Kate if it doesnít work with Sonny.  I saw a definite spark between the two actors when Mac arrested Kate.
I am happy to see Trevor Lansing; he appears to be more twisted than his son and a lot deadlier.  I am looking forward to seeing Trevor stick it to Ric; however, I am sad to see that it is about the mob.  I think Ric and Trevor and their relationship is a story all by itself without the mob crap and I am even more certain that TPTB will cop out and not do this story justice.
Itís frustrating to me, a long time fan, to be disappointed over and over again because a story line fizzles.  Itís also becoming difficult to continue to support a show that refuses to use actors over forty for anything other than window dressing and most of the time not even then. Where is Bobbie?  Does she even know Jerry Jacks is in town?  Their wedding was interrupted when the cops dragged his butt away for illegal activities yet Bobbie has had no interaction with him at all.   What happened to Emilyís cancer?  What happened to Alexis cancer?  It seems both woman had miracle cures and never had to see doctors or be examined again.  Where are Alexis, Christina, Skye, Edward, Alice, Laney and Georgie?  Why didnít Alan haunt Edward when he had Tracey taken away to the Looney Bin?  When are they going to name the Chief of Staff, and why is Dr. Ford (a male version of Ms. Sneed) seen more than Monica Quartermaine.
Sorry, I got carried away.  I have more questions than answers and more anticipation than satisfaction.  I understand that you have to cater to your younger audience and bring in fresh faces, but you donít substitute pretty faces for tried and true talent and you donít build a soap around two or three characters.  Itís time for Bob Guza to lighten up before he chases away the dwindling audience that GH does have.
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