Once again General Hospital missed a golden opportunity to have fun and include some under used cast members.  The Batchelor's Auction was planned around Sam's shooting for dramatic effect but there was no drama.  Doesn't Jason the Mob Boss/Hit Man know enough to stay off of terraces?  Did he forget what he has been telling everyone in town: Manny is still alive and still nuts.

The Auction was down right pitiful.  There was no bidding; it was all sort of random. How could Carly invite Sonny to participate and overlook men in her own family?  Where was the cat calls and the butt grabbing that she promised Jax?  The boys of Port Charles did not get a chance to strut their stuff, or show it off much to my disappointment.  Granted there were a few interesting match ups but there were no surprises and all it left me with were questions.  Where was the Quartermaine contingent with Alice lurking in the background?   Why were Dillon Quartermaine and Ric Lansing there when so many of Port Charles' bachelors in residence were among the missing?  Where did they hide Ned Ashton, Justus Ward, John Durant, Mac Scorpio, Mike Corbin, Coleman and Detective Rodriguez?  Where were the rest of the single women like Lainey, Dr. Lee and Epiphany?

When I heard about the Bachelors Auction my imagination ran amuck.  I could see Alice and Max in a spirited Tango.  Who would lead?  Imagine Epiphany with John Durant the king of the hookers or Coleman with anybody.  Since they have abandoned the Nurses Ball, this was an opportunity to shine and do what General Hospital does best, dress up the cast and have some fun.

I miss the Nurses Ball; they need to bring it back.  I miss seeing the cast do things you never knew they could do.  I miss the Lucy Coe fashion show and the grand finale when she invariably ends the show in sexy lingerie or skivvies as Edward Quartermaine would say.  What happened to the humor on this show?   General Hospital has won the award nine times for being the best of the rest and they let this opportunity to lighten the mood slip through their fingers.  I know the show's focus is on the Mob and the divorce of Sonny and Jason but once in a while I like a good party and a hardy chuckle.  Lighten up GH!

By:  Annette


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