So Jackson is an ass, huh?

I've been watching AMC for over 28 years now, since I was 8 years old. I remember the days I would long to miss school so I could check out Jenny & Greg and Jessie & Angie (obviously this was before we got our first VCR.) My grandmother got me hooked on AMC and Ryan's Hope and as I got older I picked up the OLTL and GH habit. But AMC was my first soap love and for whatever reason, even when it's total swill, I can't stop watching. I gave up GH 6 years ago, never went back and haven't been sorry. I still watch OLTL, but tend to FF thru Rex & Adrianna stuff and any scene w/ Antonio. And even though I will FF thru most Erin scenes, AMC still has my heart. All that being said, I don't know how much longer I can stand the hypocrisy that is Pine Valley.

I have seen on numerous websites and posts about what an ass Jackson is being. All I can say is "Huh????" Jackson is an ass because he doesn't want his 18 year old autistic daughter w/ very limited social skills married to a man in his LATE 20's and is a triple murder that is lying to her? And everyone in Pine Valley thinks what Jonothan did was perfectly all right and "romantic"? Let's see...did Jackson know that Jon-Boy was lying to her because he "loves" Lily? No. Can Jackson be sure that now that Jon-Boy has his faculties back that he won't go back to his murdering, abusive ways? No. I know, I know, TPTB have "redeemed" Jonothan and we the audience know that he is a "good-guy" now, but Jack doesn't. As for him being an ass, he was willing to have his daughter hate him, so that he could protect her from what could have been a real threat. Jonothan was not some imagined threat like when Enid Nelson didn't want Jenny with Greg or Erica trying to keep Zach away from Kendall...Jonothan is a real threat, that really did commit murder, really did abuse Maggie and really did lie to Lily. Are we the audience or Jack supposed to believe that Jon-Boy, even though he really and truly loves Lily and would have acted mentally challenged for the rest of his life, would have gone the rest of his life without sex? He is now a normal, healthy either one day he's going to try to get Lily to bed or he's going to find it elsewhere and then lie about that too. Maybe it's because I have a 12 year old daughter, but I am 100% on Jackson's side and would really like to slap the hell out of Erica, Erin (three times just because I absolutely hate her character), Ryan, Amanda, Livia and Kendall. And they are all hypocrites because they know if it had been their child, they would move heaven and earth to protect them. There is no way anyone of them would want their child with a lying, abusive, triple murdering, way too old partner. Although Erica might think Jonothan is a good choice for Kendall since he is from the Sainted Lavery family (excuse me while I vomit!)
Well that's my two cents on the whole situation. I refuse to bow down to the writers and accept the slop they are placing on my plate. I don't care how many Pine Valleyites tell me that Jackson is an ass, I'm just not buying it.
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