Oh my how I both love and loathe AMC all at the same time.  Here's why folks... 


-All of the Zach and Kendall scenes as of late. She looked soo amazing when she 1st saw Spike (and I liked that Erica loves the name). Sure their scenes of instant love on Jack and Erica's boat were a bit quick (ITA w/ Katrina there) but I left it was necessary to have the awesome come-back-to-me love story (TK had some really great Emmy worthy scenes).

-I've been missing the whole “we're married lets support each other thing”, so it was good to see Jack by Erica's side at the hospital even though it was for only 3 seconds.

-I loved the look in Ryan's eyes when Kendall introduced Zach to the "other love of her life." That was really, really great! He looked like hell and all I could think of was payback's a biotch! (For those of us who ACTUALLY remember the way Ryan has treated Kendall in the past esp. were Greenlee was concerned, seeing as how no one else in PV seems to recall those things that was truly sweet to see him realize that she loves Zach more than she ever loved him).  Additionally, I loved the way Kendall said that Zach was the only man who ever really heard her (personally, I think he’s the only person).

-I loved that Bianca came back to see her sister in the hospital.  I am so very tired of absentee parents and family members when people are in the hospital and on death's door. It just doesn't make sense to me that I am supposed to care more about this person's health than their own family does.  I don’t care if you have to recast the part for a couple of days, if it’ll make the storyline better, then do it already.  So (even though she seriously annoys me) it was absolutely fabulous that she actually showed up (rather than no mention at all or just a silly phone call).  [On a super side note: Why do they never mention anymore that Kendall has a brother?  I was thinking that even though he is in prison, he should be made aware of these things, esp. since he and Kendall left things on a positive note.  Either say he died in prison or just tell me that those months when we got to know him were all just a dream.  I have been thinking a lot about him lately, because I am tried of everyone calling JR’s son lil' A.  The next logical name for the boy is obviously Trey seeing as how he is a third, and that’s what Kendall’s brother’s name is].

-I love Dr. David Hayward.  He totally rocks!! and calls all people on their shyt (except for Babe, he really needs to tear her a new one, after all the crap she's pulled and lies she's told-- as far as I am concerned she is the reason why JR turned nuts to begin with-- and her newfound daddy needs to remind her of that.  Before she came to town, JR just smoked a lil’ weed... hehe, now he's trying to kill people with pipes and construction supplies).  I love that he is the voice of reason in this town.  He really needs a story outside of Hoolia and Dixie.  Maybe he and Simone could start to become friends via talking about their loss, or he and Amanda could start off really slow and have a slow build to romance (it could work if it was done right… the keyword here being ssslow).


-I hate that every 5 seconds some is asking Josh where his dad is and telling him how much he sucks.  Um, the sins of the father should not be cast on the son.  That really bothers me the way people keep manhandling him and threatening him etc. for answers.  Just b/c he's the man's kid doesn't mean he knows anything.  Hell, no one but Tad and Ryan know that Erica tried to kill Madden a couple of times (though Josh does have the right idea, but is he walking around every corner hounding Kendall or Bianca for answers?).

-I truly despise all things Jonathan and Lily.  When she said they were married until death do they part (I sure hope death comes super soon for ole’ Johnny boy) I both laughed AND threw up at the same time.  Additionally, a couple of snogs and dips in the sheets and all of a sudden Aiden is also on board with their wuv is too much for me to handle (I hope Jonathan goes nuts and kills Erin and Aiden and Lily become more than friends as they bond over their loss and stupidity.  Oh and that Ryan goes insane and has to be institutionalized for at least 6 months for being an idiot where his brother is concerned again! and signs away his parental rights to Spike to Kendall and Zach adopts him… that would be a good story, esp. when Ryan comes back… you all know we need a break from him b/c he’s getting on our nerves).

-That whole Home Alone: Lost in NY story was worthless.  I was hoping it would bring back the old non-lying Lily after she learned her lesson, but it didn't.  Hell, she was ready for round two in Boston if Jack didn't agree to her every demand.  This was a waste of time and took core family members away from a better story, Kendall’s coma story. (I think MJ as Reggie would of been really great at Kendall’s bedside.  Speaking of Reggie, he said everything I was thinking when he started pushing around Johnny boy and saying, "what you couldn't find someone your own age?" Priceless.)  Why don't they have St. Bianca to whom all listen to say how horrible this relationship is?  Or bring back Maggie so she can graphically tell Lily how he used to beat her ass (though I guess if you saw him bash-in Edmund’s head and you still want to be married to the guy, Maggie's heart-wrenching tale wouldn't matter much to ya).  Or better yet, have Greenlee say that she doesn’t want them living in her apt (they can be real adults and do it on their own), I mean I know Greenlee hates Kendall, but Lily is still supposed to be her sister and it doesn’t make sense that she doesn’t have an opinion on this one.

-What is also ridiculous is how Erica is all for this union.  Erica, the lady who hates Zach for no real reason, can somehow get past the fact that Jonathan is a murderer (weren’t she and Edmund good friends?)… And hehe, laughably gave a monologue as to how she had to let Bianca grow and figure things out for herself?  I must have missed the scenes where she did all of that.  Hell, she is STILL trying to run Kendall’s life and she is a grown d*a*m*n woman!  (All I know is that Kendall better not ever let Jonathan near her son and better fight Ryan to the death if he tries to bring him over there, and better tell Lily that she can’t see Spike if Jonathan is with her and that that is the price she has to pay if she wants to be married to him… real adults don’t always get their way.  Can you tell I am bitter?).

-Dixie: "you could not have been a better son, and I am so proud of you." WTF!?! [:-?] Are you people insane? I cannot stand how everyone is soo sad and upset that poor lil’ JR has to go to prison.  HE TRIED TO KILL HIS WIFE AND ALMOST KILLED KENDALL AND HER UNBORN SON INSTEAD! (Sorry for all that yelling but I had to get that off my chest).  I am so sick of these people walking around like somehow JR didn't do this or doesn't deserve some prison time. Tad: "at least my son is paying for his mistakes." uhh why do you hate Zach so much again, ah yes, he caused the blackout... what a monster! Causing a blackout is way super worse than say trying to kill your wife. pfft.  And when people are glad that justice might be served they are all mad at them and call them heartless etc.  No, I am sorry.  All of JR’s family are heartless for not really caring that JR almost killed Kendall and Spike. (I did LOVE it when Zach said, “Oh, but he says he’s sorry, so that makes it all better.” Hehe.  According to JR’s Family it does).

-I hate Tad.  I used to like him but he has turned into such an ass and we can no longer be friends.  (Btw I pretty much loathe the entire Martin clan and their hypocrisy... hopefully Jeff doesn't suck like his family when he comes to town).

-I hate that nurse Hoolia is in EVERY scene.  She has become the Where’s Waldo of the AMC world.  Every freakin scene I am like, “Where’s Hoolia?” except that instead of that red and white stripped sweater, she’s wearing something tacky (t-shirt w/ scrub bottoms, ugly dresses, etc.).  On a funny side note:  My mom is a RN and she says nurse Hoolia is a disgrace (she is constantly telling me how that whore would have been thrown out of her hospital).  Hehehe.  First of all, where does she get those special, boob-reveling tops?  Nurses don’t get to wear those.  Second, why is she an ER nurse, an ICU nurse, and a pediatric/preemie nurse?  Hell, Ryan helped her study for her exams and there is no way they covered all of that!

-Who I truly loathe most on this show are the writers.  The things they put on my screen are ridiculous.  The inconsistencies are outrageous.  Did anyone else notice that Lily had on RED flip-flops as she and Jonathan went up those couple of stairs to their “honeymoon”? (*shudder*)  The fact that Erica and Bianca even still talk to Ryan let alone want him to profess his love for Kendall is beyond me.  Zach leaving jail with Dixie instead of running to be by Kendall’s side makes no sense after the man freaking held her hostage in her room and remained by her bed side and was willing to kick Derrick’s a$$ to avoid leaving her.  But yet, Dixie tells him Madden’s leaving and he’s ghost and can’t be found for the rest of the night??  No thanks; I don’t buy that one at all. 

...I'd like to read what you guys love/loathe from AMC as well... :-) 

By: Miry


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