Another wasted opportunity………


What is it with the writers at All My Children? Why is Doctor (delicious) David Hayward relegated to "years" of mopping floors (well it FELT like years) and now pathetically sniffing around Dixie's skirts and Adam Chandler, Jr. gets off, scot-free, once again - after everything he has done - up to and including attempted murder??! David never murdered anyone. I seriously don't believe that he would have allowed Dr. Evil (Madden) to die either. He'd get much more pleasure out of getting the info about Kate and then reviving Madden so he could watch Madden twist in the judicial wind.

I get that TPTB love Jacob Young and want to keep him around. But letting him get away with attempted murder, on top of everything else he's done? That's ridiculous, even by Pine Valley standards. He doesn't even have the "brain tumor" excuse that Jonathug Lavery had. Okay, so he's all full of love and light now…For HOW LONG?! Until he catches Babe glance a few too many seconds long at some guy? How will JR ever learn?

To make matters worse (you didn't know they could GET worse?)  JR gets off because, with Babe recanting her statement, and JR changing his plea to "innocent"  (*cough-choke-sputter*)  the Judge decides that there is INSUFFICIENT EVIDENCE to convict him.  Doesn't matter that Kendall testifies that JR CONFESSED all to her.  Granted, she was in a coma, but only the FIRST time he confessed!!  He went to Kendall's room AFTER she was fully awake and cognizant and, with Zach and Ryan IN THE ROOM, he admitted to nearly killing her by mistake, when he was really after his wife!!  Since the writers seem to hate Zach, I can see why they would have the judge discount HIS testimony, but they LOOOOOVE Ryan (for some unfathomable reason).  He IS the resident Patron Saint of Pine Valley, why wouldn't the judge believe his testimony as corroboration of JR's confession.  For that matter HE CONFESSED TO ERICA AND BIANCA TOO!!!  Insufficient evidence?  WTF??!!! 

So he gets off - no probation, no community service, nothing. Not even the condition that he continue with drug and alcohol rehab? What's to stop him from turning back into evil-JR? They can't come up with some way for JR to pay the piper while keeping him on canvas? Have him do some kind of community service that TRULY opens his eyes and allows him to see that, while his life has sucked lemons from time to time, he really doesn't have it so bad after all. Allow him to see that there are people in the world who have it a thousand times worse than he does. THAT could be powerful story-telling, and I'm sure Jacob Young could pull it off.

Instead, what we get is the spoiled, rich kid, who never has to answer for anything he does, because the rules simply don't apply. And what is one of his first acts as a free man going to be? Will it be honorable? Kind? Decent? NO! One of the first things he does is to try and drive a wedge between Kendall and the man she loves. You know, the man who moved heaven and earth to make sure Kendall's wants were carried out, no matter the consequences to himself. Instead of being grateful that he got away with yet another heinous crime, he's going to work on Kendall's insecurities and make her believe that there's something untoward going on between Zach and Dixie. Not in a friend sense, but in a "Your husband is carrying on with my mother" sense. Bastard.

And what the hell was with the sudden turnaround in Dixie??! I almost got whiplash watching her go from telling JR to "man-up" and take responsibility for his actions, to pleading with Babe to keep JR from having to take responsibility by changing his plea. How do they justify that?! He offers her a few crumbs of kindness and understanding and she does a complete 180?! Nonononono!! Then she pleads with Zach to leave JR alone, smile, forgive and forget? WHAAAAAAAAAT???!!! Why should he? Kendall nearly DIED for crying out loud!! The woman hasn't been back in town for six months and the Martin hypocrisy is already rearing it's ugly head in her thought processes. Only people outside of the family have to pay the piper.  And to further worsen matters, Zach actually goes along with it!!!  WHAAAAAAAAAT???!!!!  It was bad enough that he allowed Dixie to drag him from his jail cell to go after Madden instead of returning to the hospital to see his (for all he knew at the time) dying wife.  Now she's got him behaving completely out of character, too??!

All I can say is that IDIOT, Babe, better be sleeping with one eye open from now on. Don't eat or drink anything handed to her by JR. Heck, she probably better hang on to those papers granting her custody of Little A (can we PLEASE come up with a better name for him?!) While she's at it, she might as well go ahead and sell her shares of Fusion to Kendall and Simone, cause things are gonna be "frosty" at the Fusion office after she lied in court to help JR get away with the attempted murder of one of her partners. (Idiot!)

I watch these shows because I enjoy a little escapism, a little suspension of disbelief - now and then - but come ON!   It's too much, even for DUMB-AS-A-BOX-OF-HAIR (Shout-outs to Doc-HelenRuth's AMC Forum)  Babe to simply forgive and forget!   He tried to KILL HER!  Even a Box-of-Hair would recognize that it's time to step back and reassess the situation.  She DOES have a child to consider.  Does she REALLY want Lil' A to turn out like his father?  JR Chandler has gotten away with too much, for far too long.  It's not right, even in fictional Pine Valley.  It's time to try something new to shake things up! It's time to pay the piper. For starters (if he's not going to jail) I'd love to see him mopping floors at PVH as part of his community service.  How fitting THAT would be!

By: Cindy

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