April 9, 2007

Agh.  I just went through about 500 websets looking for one that didn't make me want to kill myself.  For reasons I can't even imagine, for the past week or so, seeing websites with large fonts or big graphics makes me feel as though it's yelling at me. 

I just want to go hide away with some quiet little website that whispers to me in small fonts. 

I can't believe I am STILL sick after all of the Vitamin C and water I've been downing.  This is now day #9, so I should be well into that 3 days coming, 3 days here and 3 days going structure. I definitely feel better than I did before, but I am still very low energy and I'm hacking and coughing (and peeing) all the time. 

Spring break was just horrible.  My poor kids were all sick the entire time, plus *I* was sick, so we all had a pretty rotten time.  Friday morning, Josh, Valerie and the kids came up and we celebrated Lailoni's 6th birthday on Saturday at the park.  We had to load up two vehicles to get everything and everybody down there.  I stopped for gas about 1/4 mile from the park while Josh and Valerie continued on to get set up and as I was paying, my eyes froze on the sign on the counter.  Pioneer Firefighters Association Easter Egg Hunt.  It was starting right at that moment at the park where we were headed.

When I got there, the place was flooded with people and animals for the petting zoo and a giant Easter Bunny and firemen.  This park isn't all that big to start with, not even an acre in size.  So it was close quarters, but somehow, while everyone was out hunting eggs before we got there, Josh and Valerie managed to claim the pavilion, so we had a place to put our crap.  Within a half hour, everyone had cleared away, evidently only having shown up to hunt eggs.  We stayed for about 3 hours.  The kids played and had fun and we grilled chicken, burgers and hot dogs.

They left not long after we got back and the house was so quiet.  Eric never got sick with the virus we all got, but he had a recurrence of a problem he's had a couple of times before.  Evidently, he has a weird narrowing or bend in his intestines, because he tends to get constipated in one particular area of his bowels and he has a good bit of pain and begins to get physically ill until everything finally moves.  When that happens, he's fine again within an hour or so.  He had a complete physical at the VA hospital and they can't find anything wrong with him.  So that hit this weekend and he was down with it all day yesterday. 

That interfered greatly with my master plan to Not Do Jack Shit all day long.  I ended up working all day on laundry and house cleaning and such. 

I was really wavering on working out today.  I didn't the entire last week because I was so sick I could barely move.  Today was to be my first return to the workout circuit.  I had my hand on the phone twice to call Andrea and tell her that I just couldn't do it.  I felt weak as a kitten.  I have almost no lung capacity and cough every few minutes.  I'm tired and slow and my strength is almost nothing.  I told her when she got here that I had no assurance that I would live through the workout. We decided to do upper body cardio and strength building since it's only a 28 minute work out.  I got through it, but it was really, really hard.  We upgraded to 8 pound weights for our hand weight segment and there were a couple of times that I didn't think I was going to make the whole set.  I can't believe our arms used to shake when we would use 3 pounders. 

I did manage to get through the workout, but I was absolutely exhausted afterwards.  Andrea and I had to go get our new treadmill, which was so hard it was comical.  A friend of ours was selling hers and we scooped it up.  Scooping it up and getting it onto Andrea's truck bed was a little more complicated and I'm surprised we managed to do it with our arms all floppy from working out and the damned thing weighing a ton.  Finally, we got it here, so we'll be back to circuit training soon with the treadmill, the gazelle, the elliptical trainer and weight stations in between. We love the Extreme Makeover workout DVD, but we're getting tired of the people on it, so we're ready for a change.

I've seen some decent movies lately.  "From Hell" with Johnny Depp was a really decent Jack the Ripper story.  "Borat" was OK, but it felt like the joke that made up the movie went on for about an hour too long.  I ordered the "Back to the Future" trilogy from Amazon.com, $20 for all three of them, and introduced my kids to the set.  They loved it, as I thought they would.  I loved them all over again and remembered how lame #2 was, touted as "the long trailer for #3."  A week or so ago, I watched "Just Like Heaven" and loved it again.  I am such a sucker for a good chick movie.  "The Good Shepherd" is on the way to me from Netflix and I can see that one going either way.  Next on the list is "For Your Consideration."  I enjoy Christopher Guest's mockumentaries and was disappointed when he said he'd not be making any more.  I love that particular cast of actors that followed him around on these, so I imagine this one will be as good as the ones before it.  I also still have "Seconds," a Rock Hudson movie that has an interesting premise.  Eric and I watched "Westworld" a while back.  Eric had never seen it and I remembered it as being wonderful. I don't know how it managed to lose its charm, but it did nothing for me this time and I found myself more focused on how big Yul Brenner's ears were than on the actual movie itself.  I saw "Talladega Nights" and was happy that I enjoyed it since I didn't like "Anchorman."  Will Farrell is hit or miss with me. 

I was almost shaky with excitement over the new "Sopranos" episode last night.  It didn't do much to move along the story, but it built a good energy for the launch and it was great to see everyone.  Only 7 more episodes to go.

I watched a rerun of "Big Love" last night and was reminded of how much I love that show.  The new episodes are not set to air until June, which is a bummer.  Since when does a new season start in June?

Oh, by the way, I went back to The Door last week, acting on prompts from a number of readers demanding to know what was in there.  I swear, last year, I went up and checked it out when I first found it and remembered the door being wooden.  When I stopped last week to check it out and possibly see if I could get inside and end the mystery once and for all, I was surprised to find that the thing was concrete...sealed.  There's no in door or latch anywhere.  It's a framed concrete wall in the side of the hill.  I mean WTF?

 I think it's about time for me to hit the couch and try to get some rest before the boys get home.  I feel as if I'm ripening and rotting on the vine.

Be Particular,