January 28, 2007

A lovely weekend it has been and when I complete this entry, I will cap it off at the ripe old time of 6pm or so by scurrying up to my bed, getting under my straight from Korea circa 1996 mink blanket and wear out the remote control watching TV in a zoned out state of bliss. 

Friday night, Dylan's class at school (16 3rd, 4th and 5th graders) prepared a dinner and served it to their parents.  They had the classroom all set up nice with table cloths and fresh flowers and such.  It was lovely.  They all brought out salads and cornbread, then a nice pasta dish with chicken in it and a sauce (tasted like cream of chicken soup) that was most delish.  After that, there was a kind of spoonable smores dessert.  You all know what a pushover I am for absolutely any food I did not have to cook, so it was a real joy for me.

After that, Mrs Haboush (the teacher) talked to us about the field trip the kids are going on in May that is an overnight stay at historic Sutter's Fort where they dress up as pioneers and live the part they have chosen for 24 hours.  She needs tons of adult volunteers, so the dinner was really to grease us for the field trip.  I don't do field trips as a rule.  It just isn't my thing at all.  A lot of the parents are really gung ho about it and I imagine Eric might step in.

Speaking of Eric stepping in, he had a person all trained to do the mail route while he works his other job this Wednesday and Thursday, as well as last Thursday when he had to start the job.  She did great on the two days of training, but when she did it by herself on Thursday, she up and quit.  That left him in a hell of a bind and me as well because he is contractually obligated to do this other work, so if he doesn't have a sub, I end up having to do all 275 or so boxes over both post offices, which means I have to work about 10-12 hours a day, plus skip working out, which I really do not want to do.  He has a person who is beginning training tomorrow and she has already worked in a main post office before (just hasn't done route work), so I am just absolutely praying that she works out because I really don't want to do this.  I'd do it for him and for the family and I'd give it without resentment, but I suspect I'd be whining a good bit and having a big ol' pity party for myself while I do. 

The hysterical and chronically negative and angry postmaster is in one of her honeymoon phases.  You know the one where the abusive boyfriend beats the shit out of his girlfriend, then brings her flowers and coos a lot to her until she's lulled into a false state of security so he can do it again?  So we ignored each other for a couple of days and then she started talking to me as though nothing had happened and now I just go in and make nice with her while I'm there, case the mail as fast as I can and get the hell out.  The great thing about it is it makes my day go tremendously faster there without the socializing.  Knowing how she is and since that time, having a couple of people who have worked with her and known her forever tell me that she's definitely not predictable in her moods and given to hysterics when anyone other than herself makes a mistake.  So at least I know it's not just me.  I'd love to see her pull that one on Eric and watch what happens.   

I hate the way most people, including myself, will first go to the idea that they must have really done something wrong to elicit such a response rather than to the (more likely to be correct) assumption that this person might truly be a little too far around the bend.  What causes us to have the knee jerk reaction of believing how another person sees us until we run the litmus back to ourselves and determine that it's just not true?  Hell, I remember when it never even got that far with me.  I had so little self-esteem and such a convoluted self-image that if someone told me how I was, right or wrong, I just believed it and started apologizing before they were even done telling me.  At least now I try to be objective about myself and have a pretty good baseline of belief as to how I am, so that if someone tells me something about myself, I can consider it, then reject it or accept it with some reasonable degree of rational thought instead of just endorsing every opinion that comes across the desk.

I'm not excited about working with her.  If you have a dog that licks your hand and gives you cuddles every time you go out to feed it, then bites you repeatedly every day for a few days, you don't exactly approach it in the same fashion ever again.  I'm still pretty chewed up and if I had my preference, someone else would be feeding this dog, but unfortunately, this is where it is and I have to follow through on it for now.

Eric has been an absolute doll about taking care of me to compensate.  He makes sure I always have a nice fire going in the wood stove.  He helps me clean house.  He offered me money to go blow on myself (I declined since we really can't afford it at this point).  He took over the last part of my route for Friday and Saturday.  When I came out of the shower this morning, our bed was made, the room was clean and there was incense burning.  He rubs my feet.  He grilled a lovely dinner today.  He is definitely working hard to let me know that he appreciates what I've been doing that I appreciate that in return.

Mostly, this weekend, I've rested.  Last night, Delena and I went to a play her high school drama department was producing, "Scapin" by Molière.  It was great fun.  She's in drama class this semester (and evidently, all semesters to come until she graduates) and gets homework credit for going to the play and reviewing it.  We had a wonderful time.  Other than that, the weekend has been staying home and resting (and yesterday's mail).

I found this clip on youtube.  The little girls singing are the Peasall sisters, who did the vocals for the kids who sang on the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou."  The little girls you saw were actors who were lip sync'ing.  These girls are all grown up now, 13. 16 and 19 I think. 

This clip always makes me cry, not just because the girls sing so beautifully (the music on which I was raised), but mostly because of the incredible love in the room and the joy on the faces of the people in the audience.  It's a feel good thang. 



So now I'm off to reign supreme from my bed and take the remote away from Eric.  I hope you have a wonderful week.

Be particular,


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