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Hey yaíll!   Remember me?  Sorry I havenít been around as much lately Ė darn life disrupting my soap watching time.  But thanks to YouTube, Iím all caught up with GH and OLTL, and working my way through AMC.  And of the three, I have to say, One Life to Live has found what works.


First off, Bree Williamson has been knocking it out of the park.  From Jessicaís overwhelming grief at Nashís death, to the return of Tess, to Tessí plan to kill Natalie and Jared Ė her performances have been perfect.  Her absolute delight in picturing their deaths both horrified me and cracked me up.  And having Forbes back as Tessí delusion?  Spot on. 


You have to give OLTL credit Ė they know how to utilize a dead person.


Iím also fascinated by Carlo being Taliaís dad.  What a fantastic use of history, and what a great way to give a new character, that weíve had months to slowly grow fond of, a family.  Other shows (*cough*GH*cough*AMC*cough cough*) try to force new characters down the viewers throats, then re-write history completely to give those new characters family.  It makes much more sense to write a likeable character, slowly ease them in, and then bring up a surprise daddy.  Having daddy be the arch-enemy of the boyfriend?  Can you *get* any more soapy than that?


Letís not forget the most realistic teen pregnancy story Iíve seen in YEARS.  It is so refreshing to not have a teen couple just assume theyíll be perfectly happy and rush into an ill-advised marriage and have the baby and oh my heavens, isnít life just hunky dory?  No Ė Starrís fears that she wonít be a good mom, that sheís not ready, is exactly what every teenaged girl out there watching soaps this summer should see.  See how it *really* is.  Kristen Alderson has grown into such a marvelous young lady.  And Brandon Buddy is finally making Cole Thornhart believable Ė totally delusional, but believable.  While we know that Cole has no clue what it means to be a parent, I can totally buy that he wants to desperately hold on to whatever family he has left.  And itís refreshing to see a young man wanting to take responsibility for his child.  So many boys his age donít.


Maybe it is because Iím the mom of teenage boys that this storyline gets to me.  Maybe it is because I can still remember those teenage years too well.  Whatever it is Ė Iím glad that this is the one soap my 15 year old has been known to watch (he has a thing for Starr).  I like that he can see the different sides to what teenage pregnancy is really like.  Right down to the pissed off Daddy.


Speaking of the whole psycho Todd thing.  Seriously Ė Todd has gone off the deep end.  I wish I had more faith that Blair would stay away from him.  But we all know Blair is the Carly of OLTL.  For whatever reason, Blair can never convince herself that she deserves better.


Of course Ė my absolutely favorite thing about OLTL these days is Rex and Gigi.  I admit it Ė Iíve always adored Rex.  Iím not sure why, but from the first time he be-bopped onto my screen, heís had a spot in my heart.  I thought he was way too good for Jen.  I liked him with Adriana, I did.  Mainly because when he was with Adriana, we got to see him shirtless a lot.  Whatever dedes and dudettes.  It worked for *me*.  I donít know if Iím the only one who sees major sparks when heís with Gigi.  I donít care.  I wuv them.  Iím a little peeved at her for not telling him the truth about Shane., but Iím willing to forgive her if we can have more moments like they did on the 4th.  Yowsa.  It is awesome to see a hot kiss like that without the gal being married to the guyís brother or something.  Not to mention those longing looks they threw at each other while the fireworks went off.


One Life has found a way to return to the roots of daytime drama.  Grief.  Angst.  Romance.  Humor.  Passion.  And God love Ďem, itís working.  It has made One Life to Live THE show to watch on ABC Daytime. 



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